Rightword Language Institute seeks International Students

Rightword Language Institute

Rightword Language Institute seeks International Students

Rightword Language Institute, Limerick’s newest English language centre is calling for international students to study English and experience the abundance of culture the city has to offer.

The institute is open 9am-9pm Monday to Friday offering a wide variety of courses at various prices to cater for all.

There are five courses available to study, with classes as little as €40 per week. The courses available to study are; Online English Classes, General English Classes, English Exam Classes, English Electives and Professional English Classes.  All of the centres language teachers have a Master’s degree in TESOL teaching.

The institute also helps students in gaining accommodation with the options of a Host Family, Private Accommodation and Hotels and Hostels to choose from, variously priced to suit everyone’s needs.

Director of Rightword Language Institute Limerick, Andrew Sweeney explains, “Rightword’s philosophy is based on two central pillars; positivity and success. Rightword is built on motivating and empowering their students. They work towards empowering the centre’s community with the confidence they need to master the English language’’.

The language institute, which is located on 89 O’Connell Street, provides a blended learning experience for all their students. Rightword Language Institute is a one of a kind as it is the only English language institute in Ireland to offer a “blended learning experience’’. A blended learning experience entails both studying online and face to face.

This service allows potential students to study online before their trip to Ireland where they will study face to face, and then when they return home, continue their studies online with the centre allowing an extensive learning experience for each student.

Rightword firmly believes on only teaching their students what they want to learn and are interested in allowing their students to receive the best learning experience as possible.

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