Limerick Animal Welfare Santa Paws Appeal 2015

Law to host a Blessing of Animals

By I Love Limerick correspondent Irene Bermingham

Limerick Animal Welfare host their annual Christmas fundraiser in the coming weeks, this year the fundraiser is called Santa Paws Appeal 2015.

They are having Santa Paws Weekends at the Field of Dreams Sanctuary on December 10, 11, 17 and 18, between 11am and 3pm. They invite the public to come and donate some Santa Paws presents for any of their beloved animals on those dates.

LAW say that all of their animals look forward to Christmas just like the rest of us and with the help of the public, they hope to be able to have a gift for each and every one of them for Christmas morning.

Santa Paws Appeal 2015

Limerick Animal Welfare Santa Paws Appeal 2015

If you can donate a gift, you can make one animal happy this Christmas. That is the message that Limerick Animal Welfare are trying to get out to the public. Please remember a pet is not just for Christmas and taking a pet into your life is a commitment for many years.

LAW’s cats and kittens would appreciate donations of tinned cat food, toys, fleece blankets, Snugglesafe heat pads. Their canine friends  would love toys, treats, collars, leads, canned food or vet beds. The rabbits, goats, horses and pigs love fresh vegetables.

These are just some ideas, all gifts are welcome at the Santa Paws Appeal 2015. All support is much appreciated by humans, puppies, kittens alike at Limerick Animal Welfare.

There will be plenty more fundraisers in 2016 for Limerick Animal Welfare. ‘Feed A Horse for Just Three Euro’, is just one of the Winter time fundraisers planned by LAW. So if you can’t make the December events, there are plenty more opportunities.

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