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Sarah Corbett Lynch launches debut book to help young people deal with grief

Pictured at the launch of Sarah Corbett Lynch’s book ‘Noodle Loses Dad’ is Sarah Corbett Lynch with her mum Tracey Corbett Lynch on Monday, December 2. Picture: Kate Devaney/ilovelimerick.

Sarah Corbett Lynch launches debut book to help young people deal with grief

By I Love Limerick correspondent Kate Devaney



Daughter of late Limerick man, Jason Corbett, launched her debut book titled ‘Noodle Loses Dad’ as part of her ‘Boogawooga’ book series on Monday, December 2 at O’Mahony’s Booksellers, Limerick.

13-year-old Sarah Corbett has written a collection of children’s self-help books that deal with grief and how to process it. She has just launched the first book of the ‘Boogawooga’ series and hopes to continue the series.

Sarah’s ‘Boogawooga’ series is inspired by a funny mimic her late father Jason would perform for her and Jack, up until his tragic death.


Sarah, along with her older brother Jack, had to deal with grief at a very young age due to the death of their mother from a fatal asthma attack. Jack was two years old, while Sarah was only 12 weeks old. This was followed by the tragic death of their father, Jason Corbett, a few years later.

Sarah, who was eight years old when her father passed, wrote in a blog on her website, “So, some kids have a really gentle fun life. For some of us, we are not so lucky. Mine was kind of not so cool. My birth Mom died when I was 12 weeks old. When I was four, I went to live in America with my Dad to start a new life for us. My Dad was the most important person in my life all my life. He died suddenly when I was just 8 years old and my brother was 10.”

Sarah, who has performed for the Voice UK judges and dreams of being an actor, says that reading about other people’s hard times makes her “feel less alone”. This inspired her to write her own story.


Sarah is hoping her books will help other children, which have been designed by Niall Deegan, one of which features her name, her brother Jack, and her late dad, Jason’s.

Aimed at kids between 3 and 10, they will be Sarah’s own experiences but told through the characters in the book, and will give a positive look at family life and loss.

In this her first book of the Boogawooga series, Noodle lives in the Woodland forest with her family when she loses the most important person in her life – Boogawooga. Noodle and her brother Paws then go on a journey to Acorn Island.


Sarah hopes through her books that she can help other children find the courage to be themselves, to process their own challenges to find hope and happiness again as she did.

If you would like a signed copy of Sarah’s book but cannot attend this event, just call into any of the O’Mahony’s Bookshops and a member of staff would be happy to arrange a signed copy for you, alternatively order online and place your dedication request in the comment box on checkout from

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Picture: Kate Devaney/ ilovelimerick

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