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sarah corbett Lynch Garda Award sarah corbett Lynch Garda Award


WATCH Sarah Corbett Lynch wins National Garda Youth Award for helping grieving children

14-year-old Sarah Corbett Lynch has won a National Garda Youth Award for her book ‘Noodles Loses Dad’.

WATCH Sarah Corbett Lynch wins National Garda Youth Award for helping grieving children



By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy


14-year-old Sarah Corbett Lynch has won a National Garda Youth Award for her book ‘Noodles Loses Dad’.


Sarah Corbett Lynch is the daughter of Jason Corbett, who tragically passed away in 2015 when Sarah was only eight years old. Sarah now resides in Limerick with her aunt, uncle, and three brothers. Sarah is very artistic and expresses herself through a myriad of artistic endeavours such as writing, singing, and acting.


After the loss of both her parents, Sarah decided to write a collection of self-affirming stories exploring loss, grief, moving home, and blended families. In her debut book, called ‘Noodles Loses Dad’, Noodles character takes the reader on a journey as she faces the loss of a loved one and many more obstacles and learning to find hope and happiness again.


The Garda Youth Awards, at Divisional and National level, celebrates outstanding young people aged between 13 and 21 years and recognises the good work that they are doing throughout their communities.


This year the seventh annual Limerick Garda Youth Awards will take place virtually. This annual event is organised by the Juvenile Liaison Office at Mayorstone Garda Station. In all, there were eight award winners this year, with at least one winner from each of the four districts within the Limerick Garda Division.


Sarah is delighted to have won this National Youth Award Award and is proud that her storybook is helping children through some of their hardest moments, whether it be from the separation of their parents, moving, bereavement, or the blending of a family. There is no doubt that Sarah is using her voice to make Ireland and the world a better place for children who have grown up in difficult circumstances such as her own.


After receiving her award, Sarah was obviously delighted and said, “I feel very proud of myself, I feel empowered now I know other people have been listening to what I have been saying and that I have been able to help other children who are in difficult circumstances, whether that be bereavement, separation, or even just moving home. I am proud to have been able to use my voice to raise awareness for bereaved children and mental health in young children. I want to thank everyone who was nominated for the award because everyone out there that is trying to make Ireland a better place is doing an amazing job and they deserve the recognition. I am just so happy there are other people out there who want to make a difference and want to help. I also want to thank the Garda commission, the Ministry of Justice, and all the Gardaí that helped organise this for all of the people who were put forth. This has been an awesome experience for me and I hope that everyone out there is doing their best to make Ireland and the world a better place.”


We at I Love Limerick wish to congratulate Sarah on her winning of the award and also wish her good luck on whatever she decides to do next.


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