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Inclusive Rugby Project Sarsfield RFC promotes rugby for everyone



Sarsfield RFC Project founder Gearóid Folan, pictured above. Picture: Brendan Gleeson.

The group took part in the Limerick Pride Parade on Saturday where they were joined by Munster Rugby and IRFU Staff

By I Love Limerick correspondent Ava O’Donoghue

Sarsfield RFC
Gearóid Folan, teammates, allies and representatives from Munster Rugby and the IRFU are pictured at the launch. Picture: Brendan Gleeson.

Inclusive rugby project Sarsfield RFC promotes rugby for everyone through an LGBT inclusive incentive.


Established in 2022, the goal of Sarsfield RFC is to provide additional options for a positive experience through rugby for LGBTQ+ people in the Midwest of Ireland.

The initiative is seeking expressions of interest from people of all walks of life who are interested in setting up an LGBTQ+ rugby team to promote inclusivity on the rugby field and to remind people there is always a place for LGBTQ+ people in sports.

The group took part in the Limerick Pride Parade on Saturday where they were joined by Munster Rugby and IRFU Staff to encourage people to find out more and underline that there is always a place for them within rugby.

Inclusivity is one of the core values of Irish and Munster Rugby and every club affiliated to the IRFU, and Muster remains committed to being inclusive of everyone in their community.

Accordingly, the expression of interest form also includes an option to be redirected to a designated contact in an existing rugby club.

The driving force behind the group is Gearóid Folan, who plays rugby with Young Munster and is a referee with the Munster Association of Referees. He studies business with sports management at TUS and is one of the founding presidents of his university’s LGBTQ+ society.

“I play for Young Munsters and I’m openly gay and I know from experience that rugby clubs are committed to inclusivity,” Gearóid commented.

“The idea of Sarsfields RFC is to develop something for people who might need that extra option to be themselves or to bring people looking together, or who are looking for friends similar to themselves,”

“I know several gay people who played rugby for years when they were younger, and they have left the game. We were also inspired by what Cork Hellhounds are doing for their community. They have a core group of players who have been given a welcome opportunity to avail of the health, well-being, and team spirit that sport provides. We want to find out if a similar team would be welcome by the LGBTQ+ community in North Munster,” he added.

Sarsfields RFC is now asking people to register their interest in the project be it as a player or a volunteer to do so on their website

If you would like to express your interest in being part of an inclusive team in the midwest, please do so HERE.

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