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Scoil Fhionáin says ‘Yes’ to Languages with Language Sampler Module



The Say Yes to Languages module introduces primary pupils to a new language, by facilitating schools to introduce either a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) of their choice or Irish Sign Language (ISL).

Scoil Fhionáin joins 80,000 Primary pupils nationwide as they take part in the Say Yes to Languages programme

Say Yes to Languages
Scoil Fhionáin is taking part in the ‘Say Yes to Languages’ initiative which will see two classes learning French through an eight-week module. 

The Fifth and Sixth Classes from Scoil Fhionáin, Kilfinane, are set to take part in, ‘Say Yes to Languages’ starting in October.

The language module, which is being made available for the third year following its extension by the Department of Education, has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm within Scoil Fhionáin.

The exciting initiative aims to foster linguistic diversity and cultural awareness among the young minds of our community. In an ever-connected world, learning a second language is an invaluable skill that opens doors to new opportunities and experiences.


Recognising the importance of multilingualism in today’s global society, Scoil Fhionáin has taken this significant step to introduce French language lessons for its students through the ‘Say yes to Language’s programme.

The 8-week programme will immerse students in the beauty of the French language and culture, equipping them with essential communication skills. Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and immersive experiences, pupils will embark on a journey of linguistic discovery that promises to be both fun and educational.

‘Say Yes to Languages’ offers an introduction into a variety of modern foreign languages and looks to also raise awareness among pupils of the diversity of languages being used by their peers both in school and the wider community. Preparing the ground towards the future inclusion of additional languages as part of the redeveloped Primary Curriculum Framework, the targeted groups are third to sixth class pupils, with two classes taking part in Scoil Fhionáin.

Over 700 schools took part in the module last year which saw Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, ISL, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Ukrainian being taught across the country.

Pupils of Scoil Fhionáin will be saying ‘Oui!’ to French which will be delivered over an eight-week period during the normal school timetable.

Speaking about the module, Principal Bridgette Cahill commented, “We are delighted to be bringing ‘Say Yes to Languages’ to Scoil Fhionáin this year. The eight week module for our two classes will be a Scoil Fhionáin Kilfinane great introduction to the new subject ‘Modern Foreign Language’ which will be introduced over the next number of years as part of the New Primary School Curriculum.”

Tutors of the module are typically teachers however they may also be part of the wider school community including parents, native speakers, or other staff members. Elaine McCarthy and Anthony Punch will be delivering the module to Mr. Walsh’s Sixth Class and Mr. Connaughton’s Fifth Class at Scoil Fhionáin.

Scoil Fhionáin joins 80,000 Primary pupils nationwide as they take part in the Say Yes to Languages programme

Both teachers are excited to have the opportunity to share their passion and love for
French with the pupils of Scoil Fhionáin.

Teacher, David Walsh said, “We are excited to offer the pupils the opportunity to explore the French language this year. It is a fun, interactive and engaging module which really begins to set the foundations for an ongoing positive relationship with languages.

“This will be of great benefit to the pupils as they continue through their education, hopefully bringing a love of language with them. Learning a new language not only enhances cognitive abilities but also promotes cultural diversity and opens doors to future academic and professional prospects.”

In line with previous years, the module is being rolled out over three terms, with the support of
Languages Connect and PPLI (Post-Primary Languages Ireland), a unit of the Department of Education.

Speaking at the announcement of the third year of the module, Minister for Education Norma Foley T.D commented, “Learning a Modern Foreign Language will form part of the primary school experience for pupils over the coming years, in line with the newly-published Primary Curriculum Framework. The future inclusion of foreign languages in the primary curriculum will be informed by the delivery of Say Yes to Languages and we look forward to another successful running of the module in 2023/24.”

As Scoil Fhionáin continues to inspire and empower its pupils, the introduction of the 8-week French language programme marks another milestone in its dedication to holisitic education. Parents and guardians of pupils participating in the programme can look forward to witnessing their children’s growth and development as they embark on this exciting linguistic journey.

The school encourages active involvement and support from families to make this experience even more enriching.

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