Second Milford Hospice Memorial Walk at Milford Care Centre

Second Milford Hospice Memorial Walk

Pictured: Declan Deegan and Pat Quinlan, Milford Care Centre, with Sr. Phyllis Donnellon, Little Company of Mary, and Brendan Foley at the launch of the Second Milford Hospice Memorial Walk

Hundreds of hand-written tributes by friends and family will adorn the Milford Memorial Tree in the grounds of Milford Care Centre at the end of May. 

The second Milford Hospice Memorial Walk will be held on Sunday, May 28, and it will be followed by loved ones tying tribute ribbons in members of deceased family members and friends on the Memorial Tree. 

Launched this week by Brendan Foley, father of the late Anthony Foley and a member of the historic Munster Rugby team which defeated the All-Blacks in Thomond Park in 1978, he praised this “wonderful concept”. 

“There isn’t a family within a 100-mile radius that hasn’t benefited from their services. They do an amazing job to meet the expanding needs of patients and their families,” said Mr Foley. 

Pat Quinlan, chief executive of Milford Care Centre, said that funds raised from recent activities will assist in the development of their new purpose built Hospice Unit at Milford. 

“This new development will ensure that we have increased capacity for the future and that all of our service users will be given full respect and dignity at all times through the availability of all single rooms. We have and will very much continue to have a heavy reliance on voluntary fundraising.” 

Milford Care Centre is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. The Milford Care Centre aim to provide the highest quality of care to patients or residents, family and friends, both in the areas of Palliative Care and Services to the Older Person. Because they are a charity some of their funds come from fundraising.  

The ‘History of Milford’ started with the Little Company of Mary establishing the nursing home in 1928. Milford Care Centre is not just a Hospice Inpatient Unit, they provide multiple services to our community.  These include Hospice at Home services, a Nursing Home, Day Care for both the Older Person and people with palliative care needs. They also offer Bereavement Support for families. The staff work in conjunction with other health care professionals in the community.

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