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Sustainable second-hand fashion shop Second Time Lucky donates earnings to Women’s Aid Ireland



Second Time Lucky donates all earnings to Women’s Aid, protecting women and children.

Sustainable second-hand fashion shop Second Time Lucky donates earnings to Women’s Aid Ireland

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Tara Byrne

Megan Quinn, a 19-year-old student at the University of Limerick has set up a second-hand clothing account called Second Time Lucky on Instagram where all the proceeds earned from the clothes go to Women’s Aid Ireland.

Megan Quinn is a sustainable fashion enthusiast studying psychology at UL.

Megan Quinn is a sustainable fashion enthusiast studying psychology at UL.

Women’s Aid is a leading national organisation that has been working in Ireland to stop domestic violence against women and children since 1974. They work to make women and children safe from domestic violence, offer support, provide hope to women affected by abuse and work for justice and social change.

The Women’s Aid National Freephone Helpline 1800 341 900 operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides support and information to callers experiencing abuse from intimate partners.

The Women’s Aid Helpline is the only free, national, domestic violence helpline with specialised trained staff, fully accredited by The Helplines Association and with a Telephone Interpretation Service facility covering 170 languages for callers needing interpreting services.

Megan said, “There has been a very significant increase in the number of domestic violence cases since the lockdown began. It breaks my heart to know that people are subjected to terrible circumstances when they deserve immensely better lives. I want to help in any possible way to improve someone’s quality of life”.

Megan set up the Second Time Lucky Instagram account after being inspired by looking at the charity shops reopening and talking to the dedicated staff that work there. She said, “After talking to some of the lovely volunteers I got a strong sense of how rewarding it is to immerse yourself in a full-time project purely for the good of others. I’ve always thought that my purpose is to give help and happiness to people in any way possible, so this business allows me to give people the chance to feel good about themselves and have fun in the little community that we are establishing, while also assisting vulnerable people massively.”

She adores buying and selling sustainable fashion saying, “My experiences of sustainable fashion have been completely positive and fun. Each garment I find feels like a treasure and a win, along with always having character and personality behind it. I always love when items have stories behind them, it’s overall such an enjoyable experience and something I would recommend hugely to anyone.”

While Megan hopes to get a website up and running soon, she is currently carrying out her incredible work through Instagram. She said, “I post photos and colourful descriptions of the clothes that I sell, and if somebody would like to buy them, they simply send me a message to confirm that. I then do a little happy dance after getting each message, followed by posting it out to them the same or next day, depending on if my PJs are on already or not!”


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