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Shannon Foynes Port MOU Shannon Foynes Port MOU


Shannon Foynes Port signs MOU with world leaders for Foynes Offshore wind



Shannon Foynes Port MOU – Jerry Hallissey of the Shannon Foynes Port Company (left) signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Alfred Risan of Norwegian Offshore Wind. Picture: Arthur Ellis.

New deal clears the way for Foynes to be wind energy world leader

Shannon Foynes Port MOU
The collaboration agreement was signed by Alfred Risan, leader of Norwegian Offshore Wind working group in Ireland, and Jose Jerry Hallissey, Head of Business Development at Shannon Foynes Port Company.

Shannon Foynes Port Company has stated that Ireland has the potential to not only meet its climate change targets but become one of Europe’s leading renewable energy nations as it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with one of the world’s leaders in offshore wind generation.

The signing of the Shannon Foynes Port MOU with Norwegian Offshore Wind is a further endorsement of plans to transform the Shannon Estuary into an international floating offshore wind hub that will enable Ireland surpass long-term climate change targets and, moreover, become a major global renewable energy generator.





The Shannon Foynes Port MOU will enable collaboration between SFPC and offshore wind interests in Norway, providing a framework for further collaboration on market activities towards both the Irish and Norwegian offshore wind market. Moreover, the agreement provides a platform for research, development and innovation (RDI) activities for Irish and Norwegian companies.

Norway is already a world leader in offshore wind and its government last month launched a large-scale investment plan aimed at allocating sea areas to develop 30 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2040.

“The ports in Norway and Ireland are a vital component in the supply chain in offshore wind, and thus imperative for the countries in Northern Europe to reach their renewable ambitions,” said Arvid Nesse, General Manager of Norwegian Offshore Wind.

“This agreement will strengthen the cooperation between the ports along the Norwegian coast and one of the hubs for floating wind in Ireland. I am convinced that the agreement will create a cooperation platform for market and RDI activities that will be mutually beneficial for Norway, Ireland and the entire industry in Northern Europe. This agreement additionally provides Norwegian companies with opportunities in the fast-emerging Irish offshore wind market”.

Shannon Foynes Port Company CEO Pat Keating said:  “Norway is a world leader in the development of floating wind and it’s this very technology that will enable Ireland to not alone meet its longer-term climate change targets but become an international energy hub for the first time in our history. The Shannon Estuary will be a key enabler of that because of its proximity to offshore winds and its deep waters, which are essential for supply chain. 

“Ireland’s potential from floating offshore wind generation off the West coast alone stands at 70GW, which is 12 times our current installed wind capacity on land. So what we now need to do is to realise that opportunity and being able to partner with global leaders like Norway will be a key enabler of that. Norwegian Offshore Wind’s partnership with us on this MOU reflects just how big that opportunity is and we look forward to working closely with them to progress this mutually beneficial relationship.”

The Norwegian Offshore Wind and Shannon Foynes Port Company MOU provides for the following:

  • Shared events where the membership of both parties are invited to participate. Topics for such events to be decided by mutual agreement between the parties or by input from their membership.
  • Opportunities to do business – both parties agree to disseminate opportunities to do business. These can take the form of ‘Meet the Buyer’ industry events in either country, knowledge of tender opportunities, innovation funding calls etc.
  • Partnership working – encourage knowledge exchange between respective cluster members and assist the members to form partnerships or joint ventures to win new business (from any of the activities outlined in 2. above) or develop new products and services.
  • Dissemination – support the sharing of media campaigns, press activity, online media and other promotional activity from either cluster through cluster networks
  • Joint Research, development and Innovation projects – stimulate the parties to establish joint RDI projects in the Irish offshore wind marked or the Norwegian Offshore Wind market. 

The collaboration agreement was signed by Alfred Risan, leader of Norwegian Offshore Wind working group on Ireland, and Jose Jerry Hallissey, Head of Business Development at Shannon Foynes Port Company.

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