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Sinead’s Curvy Style Promoting Body Positivity and Confidence in Your Curves

Sinead’s Curvy Style Promoting Body Positivity and Confidence in Your Curves

Sinead O’Brien of Sinead’s Curvy Style is one of Limerick’s best-rising fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Sinead is a singer, model, fashion icon and social influencer who is sharing not only her style but her daily life through her social media, Sinead’s Curvy Style. With over 28,000 likes on facebook and over 16.3k followers on Instagram, Sinead has definitely taken to the limelight, promoting body positivity throughout Ireland and offering style workshops around the Munster region.

I met with Sinead to ask her a few questions about how she got to where she is today and what advice she can offer for people aspiring to be just as radiant and confident as she is today.

 How did you first get into fashion and where does your sense of style come from?




Sinead's Curvy Style“I have always said My sense of style comes from my Mam. She’s the style queen in my life and has always paved the way for my sense of style. I guess I always loved fashion but I first started studying it in Limerick Senior College in 2005, very long time ago, I know – but from this point, I knew I wanted to get into fashion professionally rather than just as a hobby, be it as a buyer, stylist, personal shopper.”

Who are your top 3 style icons at the moment and what are your favourite fashion trends right now?

“Khloe Kardashian, Louise Cooney, Louise O Reilly. I really love to glam it up and be a girlie girl, floral and pastel tones would be one of my fave trends of spring summer 17.”

How did you first decide to set up a fashion blog and how do you find the motivation to keep your blog, Sinead’s Curvy Style, going?

“It was actually in 2013, I was looking for something to bide my time during the day as I worked a lot of nights in Bunratty Castle and singing events. There weren’t many blogs around at the time, so I didn’t know a whole lot about it, but I figured I had something to offer and something good to bring to the table especially when it came to showing Curvy gals how I dress, so I just took it from there.” 

“My motivation is made up of two things, the first and most importantly, my followers! They keep me going and spur me on at any given moment. Sometimes you do have to take a step back and give yourself a break as social media is really a 24-hour interaction, but once you find a happy medium you’re good to go.”

“Secondly watching other bloggers that I admire who have come so far in their career that I aspire to follow in so many ways. Creating brands etc…this keeps me motivated.”

Why do you think that Sinead’s Curvy Style and your social media has received so much attention? why do you think it resonates with people so well?

“I keep it real, that’s what I pride myself on. I am not one to hide anything, I’m an open book and I share everything when it comes to style and by that, I mean down to the type of underwear I’m wearing! Not a lot of bloggers share that kind of info but Shapewear is a huge part of what I do. I’m not afraid to show girls the little ways of cheating to look good in a dress. Other than that, I don’t take myself too seriously it’s important to have fun with fashion, and lastly, I like to think my style inspo and putting outfits together is a huge part of what keeps people interested. It can be incredibly hard to find an outfit when you’re a size 18 plus, for some girls they just dread the thought of even shopping. That’s where I come in!”

Sinead's Curvy StyleDoes your singing career ever get in the way of Sinead’s Curvy Style or vice versa? How do you balance the two?

“Not at all, the two go very well together. If I’m performing the first thought is ‘music’ the second thought is ‘what do I wear’”

What would you believe are your biggest achievements to date?

“I would say what I’m most proud of is singing at Thomond Park especially on the day we remembered Axel Foley. I’ll never forget singing Stand Up and Fight that day and 27 thousand people singing along with me for Axel and for Munster. It was amazing!”

“Secondly, I would say my workshops, I have had 5 sold out workshops to date and this really was something I never even believed I could achieve. My first event was in Dolans in front of 50 people, it took me two months to sell the tickets for only 20 Euro a ticket. My last event sold out to 240 people in less than an hour. It’s amazing and I’m so proud of that.” 

What direction are you hoping to take Sinead’s Curvy Style in and what is the next big step for you? 

“My goal is to have my own brand. I have a very exciting Project in the pipeline but it’s under wraps at the moment as it’s still very early stages. Watch this space!”

As a curvy model, what are the challenges you faced when entering the fashion industry and how did you conquer these challenges?

Sinead's Curvy Style“I found it difficult when I modelled in fashion shows, I would walk in so confident and loving my curves but the shops involved in the show would let me down as they would say they had nothing for me to wear. I’d watch all the other models go out on the ramp and It was so disheartening. I went in guns blazing and loving my curves but you’d ask yourself well why am I here if you don’t have anything to fit me? That was in the beginning, it’s gotten much better now and there are so many fantastic boutiques that have amazing outfits for curvy girls.”

What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career in fashion/modelling? 

“Ask yourself what do you have to offer? If you believe you have something to bring to the table then go for it, don’t have any doubts in yourself. Remember I started with 20, 30 followers, it began with just my friend liking posts. You have to keep pushing forward.”

“Consistency is key, try and post something substantial every day.” 

“Get involved with other brands, contact them and send them your stats and tell them you’d like to collaborate.” 

“Don’t lose sight of why you started in the first place and remember to be as true to yourself as possible. Your followers will see through you believe me ha!”

“For modelling, a good portfolio is a great way to start. Contact LILO Forberg, I did my first shoot with her she’s amazing. Once you have good photos, send them out to agencies”

“The addresses and contacts you need are always on their social media pages”

What advice would you give to someone struggling with their body image? What can they do to boost their confidence or become more comfortable in their own skin?

“I’d be lying if I took the cheesy route and said, ‘oh just love your curves and all that’ that’s easier said than done. I struggle at times like anybody else with my weight, I’m only human. The trick is, on those off days or nights, no matter how down your weights gets you, never let it hold you back. Never sit in on a night out just because a certain dress didn’t fit, put on something else. Shapewear is my best friend, knowing how to dress and knowing how to nip and tuck those lumps and bumps plays a huge part in my style. It gives me confidence in putting a final look together. Invest in the right shapewear, don’t take the cheaper option, it will be worth it.”

“Knowing how to carry yourself is a big thing too, how you stand in a photo or how you walk into a room plays a huge part in how you look and feel. Most of all, be confident. Forget about the girl next to you who’s skinnier or who’s this and who’s that, there’s always something you have that somebody else doesn’t have. People often say, ‘wow I love your legs’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, well I love your flat tummy!’. We all have our own hang-ups. Just learn to work with what you have, know your best assets, if you give off confidence you’ll get it back in return.”️

After getting a better idea of what Sinead’s Curvy Style is, it’s clear that it’s more than just a fashion blog. Sinead’s Curvy Style is offering a platform for not just curvy women, but all women. Sinead’s Curvy Style is offering advice on fashion and beauty while promoting body positivity and there is now better lady to do it than Limerick’s own Sinead O’Brien. Fashion is for all shapes and sizes and you are beautiful no matter what size your jeans are. 

ilovelimerick want to wish Sinead’s Curvy Style the best of luck for the future!

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Pictures: Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick

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