Smarter Travel initiative aims to reduce car journeys in Limerick

Smarter Travel initiative aims to reduce car journeys in Limerick

Smarter Travel initiative aims to reduce car journeys in LimerickLimerick Smarter Travel has announced details of a €15,000 challenge prize fund aimed at reducing the amount of car journeys made in Limerick each day.


The Big Travel Action Challenge, the first initiative of this type in Ireland, will take place over the coming months across 10 communities which make up the Limerick Smarter Travel demonstration area, including neighbourhoods in the vicinity of Corbally, Castletroy, Janesboro and the City Centre, with travel planning workshops beginning in the coming weeks.

“Participating communities will be hoping to emulate the innovations made by communities across Europe in the area of sustainable urban mobility,” explained Lise-Ann Sheahan, Challenge Co-ordinator at Limerick Smarter Travel.


She added: “During the recent visit of the Royal de Luxe Granny to Limerick, it was fantastic to see so many people embracing sustainable travel, significantly adding to the vibrancy of the city. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, the vast majority of us travel in an unhealthy and unsustainable manner, which negatively impacts on all of our lives. The Big Travel Action Challenge has been designed to support the regular take up of sustainable travel.”


“What would happen if each household changed just one journey a week to healthier, more sustainable travel, like walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transport? Even a minor change could make a major difference. If households can then maintain sustainable travel patterns, research tells us they should see positive results to their health and well-being, household budget and to their environment,” added Ms. Sheahan.


Smarter Travel initiative aims to reduce car journeys in LimerickMiriam O’Donoghue, Limerick Smarter Travel Project Co-ordinator, explained that the intended result of the Challenge will be the increased incorporation of walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transport in the daily lives of the people of Limerick.


She continued: “This is a unique opportunity; we are being offered the resources and supports needed to help us affect change in our city. This change is essential if we are to establish healthier and more sustainable households and communities.”


The Big Travel Action Challenge features two stages, including a Community Travel Plan which aims to raise awareness and build capacity within the community, and to assist communities plan for sustainable travel. Meanwhile, it is hoped that stage two the Community Travel Challenge will in future support households who want to incorporate sustainable travel like walking, cycling, car-sharing, and public transport into their daily travel routine.
The Challenge prize fund of €15,000, includes €5,000 worth of prizes going to the individual or group with the winning travel action


For further details about how to participate in The Big Travel Action Challenge simple search ‘travel planning’ and ‘travel challenge’ at: or contact the Limerick Smarter Travel Office on 061-407453 / [email protected]

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