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Southill Club2gether Hairdressing Programme 2014 Southill Club2gether Hairdressing Programme 2014


Southill Club2gether Hairdressing Programme 2014



Pictured Above: The Club2gether girls enjoying their end of year treat in the Jasmine Palace.

Over the last 8 weeks Southill Club2gether ran an 8 week hairdressing programme in collaboration with the Southill Family Resource Centre who made their facility available to Club2gether to use.

The 8 local girls all completed an 8 week programme on the basic skills needed to become a hairdresser. The girls engaged weekly in a one and a half hour session of hairdressing which was facilitated by Michelle Bourke.

During this period they practised the social skills needed including how to meet and greet their clients and how to make their clients feel welcome in the salon environment. The girls also learned about the importance of hygiene, personal care and customer care.



The group worked very well together and a lot of positive relationships were built through the program. Youth-worker Cora Doyle was absolutely delighted and very proud of the young girls and is hoping that they will think seriously one day about taking this a career option and becoming professional hairdressers.

The girls will engage in another 8 week program on up styling which Club2gether are hoping to start in February 2015. Congratulations to all the girls to all the girls that took part in the programme.

Club2gether operates to provide personal and social development for young people in the Southill area. The club puts realistic goals in place for mainstream young people from ages 10 to 25.

The staff does this by directly engaging with young people and their families and by developing programmes based on their needs. This is done by working with the wider community and other service providers to create a more inclusive community.

For more information on Southill Club2gether email Cora Doyle at [email protected].
If you would like to contact the Southill Club2gether office you can do so by calling 061 603711

Southill Club2gether are also on Facebook at
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