Special Olympics Torch arrives in Limerick



Special Olympics Torch Arrives in Limerick and meets Cycle 4 Sick Children


Special Olympics Torch Meets Cycle 4 Sick ChildrenThe Special Olympics Torch arrives in Limerick ahead of the Ireland games and met the charity Cycle 4 Sick Children at the Living Bridge at the University of Limerick on the Clare/Limerick boarder to pass the torch to them. The Law Enforcement Torch Run saw members of An Garda Siochana and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), being the torch to a number of towns and villages ahead of the opening ceremony at the People’s Park.

Cycle 4 Sick Children was founded by Liam & Stacey Mulcahy whose daughter suffers from a life threatening heart condition the club has offered hope for seriously ill children throughout Ireland. Cycle 4 Sick Children since setting up as a cycling club, has taken on a unique roll, not only are they encouraging people to join them cycling but also have a great cause while cycling. Every time they get on the bike Cycle 4 Sick Children team create awareness for children’s disability and serious illness in Ireland. They do this by educating the public and raising funds for children’s services throughout Ireland. They have also supported The Jack and Jill Foundation, Enable Ireland, and Crumlin Hospital. They have also highlighted the lack of services in Ireland for disabled and seriously ill children and advocating for more services. This Cycling Club is an outstanding sports club that has heart, sincerity, passion and love driving them forward to help improve the lives of disabled and sick children. Cycle 4 Sick Children will continue the outstanding work in the service of disabled and sick children, the most vulnerable group needing help.

For more info on Cycle 4 for Sick Children go to www.cycle4sickchildren.com

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