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St Lelia's former principal Chris Deeley thanked for years of commitment St Lelia's former principal Chris Deeley thanked for years of commitment


Chris Deeley, St Lelia’s former principal, thanked for years of commitment



Pictured: Linda Ledger, St Munchin’s Community Centre Manager, Chris Deeley, former principal of St Lelia’s National School and Ciaran McCormack, St Munchin’s Community Centre.

Former principal of St Lelia’s National School for 17 years, Chris Deeley spent her last day at the school this past Friday, being thanked for her tremendous work and effort throughout her 22 years of teaching in the community.

Greeted with balloons, gifts and a cake, Ms Deeley celebrated her final day on school grounds with a few supporters present.

One of the gifts received, a silver key hanging on a chain, was “especially touching.” The gift, symbolising the fact that she will always be welcome in the community, meant “a great deal” to her.


“It is a lovely thought, it is nice to know that I will always be welcome here.” Ms Deeley said.

Linda Ledger, St Munchin’s Community Centre Manager, commended her friend on over two decades of dedicated work with students, acknowledging the impact she has made in the community.

“She’s given so much over the years, and we’re here today just to thank her for everything.” Linda said.

It is onwards and upwards for Ms Deeley, who is now teaching at Thomond Primary School, which today consists of the amalgamation of three local schools, St Lelia’s National School, St Munchin’s CBS and St Munchin’s girls primary school.

“The children I had for senior infants have now gone on to first class, to one of the teachers who was here [at St Lelia’s],” she said.

Acknowledging the difficulty that students face with new surroundings, Ms Deeley said that the integration of students and teachers, who may be familiar with each other, makes “the transition that little bit easier for them.”

Having been “blessed” for so many years with working at St Lelia’s, Ms Deeley is looking to the future.

Planning permission has been approved for an additional four classrooms for Thomond Primary, to accommodate the extra students.

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