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Limerick Health Food Eats of Eden Join ‘Stop This VAT’ Campaign

Limerick health food store Eats of Eden joins the Stop This VAT campaign, which opposes the 23% VAT hike on food supplements.

Limerick Health Food Eats of Eden Join ‘Stop This VAT’ Campaign

By I Love Limerick correspondent Chloe Reidy

Eats of Eden, located on 41 Thomas St, Limerick, have joined the Stop This VAT campaign. The campaign is for the opposition of the 23% VAT proposed by Revenue, on food supplements. The health food store has been run by Cillín Cleere for the last thirty years, with the aim of helping the Limerick community with achieving their health goals.

This is a 23% increase from the 0% rate at which food supplements have been sold in Ireland for the past 40 years. The tax will be placed on all vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fish oils, CBD and many more items that can be found in health food stores around the country. Such supplements are necessary for health reasons. In some cases, for instance, people may take iron supplements if they are anaemic, or vitamin D and calcium supplements if they have early signs of osteoporosis.

Cillín Cleere, owner Eats of Eden spoke about Stop This VAT and its long-lasting negative effects on the Irish people. “We need all of your support to make sure that the 23% VAT proposed by Revenue is not applied to our food supplements come March 1. Revenue has taken the ridiculous view that all food supplements including multi-vitamins, probiotics, fish oils and much more are now liable to be taxed at the highest possible rate of 23%. This tax hike will place another financial burden on health conscious, proactive citizens including the elderly and those people who need supplements to maintain their current health status. It also jeopardises independent health food stores all around the country who rely on the sale of food supplements to keep their business viable. These are local Irish businesses, employing local people, helping members of our communities achieve their health goals.”

Cillín also points out how “it will be a backwards step for the country and for those who seek to be health conscious and want to improve their health.”

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners released a document on the removal of the zero VAT rate that was placed on food supplements in December 2018. “The standard rate of VAT applies to food supplements. However, a Revenue concession allowed the zero rate to be applied to certain types of vitamins, minerals and fish oils. This concession no longer applies from 1 March 2019.

The guidance also sets out the VAT treatment of sports nutrition supplements; slimming aids; liniments, ointments and rubs made from food; folic acid and other vitamins and minerals classified as medicines; and foods for specific groups.”

To sign the petition to revoke the 23% VAT, sign their petition either in-store or at www.stopthisvat.

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