PHOTOS Over 1700 students graduated from the University of Limerick

students graduate from the University of Limerick

Over 1700 students graduated from the University of Limerick on Monday, January 18. Amongst these students were 45 PhD graduates, a rugby player and the first group of graduates under the Frank McCourt creative writing programme.

At the ceremony UL President, Professor Don Barry highlighted the University of Limerick’s exceptional employment rate which is 20% higher than the other seven mainstream Irish universities and that 70% of UL students go into direct employment after graduation.

Speaking at the opening conferring ceremony where over 1700 students graduate from the University of Limerick, Professor Don Barry commented on the steady demand from employers nationwide for graduates from the University of Limerick; “Last summer saw over 70% of our courses increase in CAO admission standards and our graduate employment rate is now a massive 20% higher than the average for the other seven universities in Ireland. That is part of what we call the UL Edge – and it is something of which this university is very proud.”

students graduate from the University of Limerick

students graduate from the University of Limerick from the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences from left: Jenny Kavanagh, Old Pallas, Bachelor of Science in Midwifery, Sarah Heffernan, Raheen, Bachelor of Science in Midwifery and Rachael Cashin Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.
Picture: Sean Curtin FusionShooters.

Professor Don Barry continued his speech with a few words of inspiration for the latest graduates of UL, “Nelson Mandela once said “There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” And so I say to you: exhaust every opportunity, take every chance, and follow every road that will get you one step closer to where you want to be. Don’t settle because you think you have to. You have a long career ahead of you, a long way to go, so think BIG.”

The week of January 18 was a momentous one for UL, as it saw the conferring ceremony of the first graduates from the MA in Creative Writing at UL. The new Masters in Creative Writing is a single year programme to enhance the students skills in creative writing through the study and appreciation of  work of already established writers. Through assignments and other various writing exercises, the students are enabled to master strategies for revision and refinement of their own work. The MA in Creative Writing students gain a new understanding of the requirements of the submissions and publication process.

UL awarded graduates from a range of disciplines including, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Education and Health Sciences, Engineering and Science.

The Univerity of Limerick is renowned for its excellent employment rate and was named Irish Times University of the year in 2015.

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Photos by Sean Curtin, FusionShooters.

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