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Roxboro’s, Saint Vincent de Paul’s celebrates 2 years in business 

SVP Roxboro is celebrating 2 years in business.

Roxboro’s, Saint Vincent de Paul’s celebrates 2 years in business 

Manager, Tanya Fitzgerald opened her doors to crowds from the community on Friday, October 6 2017 and has been non-stop ever since with Tanya and her team’s hardwork even earning them the Team of The Year Award in June 2019 at the SVP National Retail Awards. 

SVP Roxboro

Saint Vincent de Pauls in Roxboro is described a sociable place where all are welcome to shop and donate.


Manager, Tanya Fitzgerald said: “It’s been the best thing opening the shop in Roxboro and I would like to thank our volunteers and everyone who donates to our shop, the board for all their hard work. It’s a gem of a shop and to win the award of best team of 2018 was outstanding it’s hard work but so rewarding and it gave a lot of my volunteers a new lease of life”. 

The shop was destined to be a success from day one with the infamous X-Factor twins, Jedward having cut the ribbon. John and Edward explained the personal significance of Saint Vincent de Pauls to them and their style. 

Edward said, “We also wanted to get involved because we always bought our clothes in St Vincent de Paul, since our X-Factor audition days, all the clothes we wore in X-Factor we bought in St Vincent de Paul; shirts and ties, because when we were in school we didn’t have loads of money, so we used to buy shirts and ties there that got us in to style”. 

Following this, John said “It’s cool because vintage clothes are like the height of fashion now and during the days of Kurt Cobain everyone used to shop in vintage shops, you could go to the high street and buy what you want to buy, but it’s just nice when you come into a place like this you never know what you can expect”. 

Roxboro’s Saint Vincent de Paul’s continues to grow from strength to strength with the hardwork of Tanya and her team and the kindness of the community and their donations. 

Tanya said, “We are giving something back to the community it’s not all about the sales it’s another place people can come in to feel a great community spirit and have a cup of tea”. 

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SVP Roxboro 

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