Tailor Birds musical group to perform at Limerick Milk Market Aug 16

Tailor Birds musical group to perform at Limerick Milk Market, Sun Aug 16

Pictured: Sophie Kinston, front-woman for the eclectic Tailor Birds.

Tailor Birds, an Australian/European international touring act, will perform at the Limerick Milk Market on Sun, Aug 16, 1 – 3pm. Tailor Birds create music that warms the soul, combining the old, the new and musical diversity with boundary pushing performances.  Electric violin is at the core of the sound, and is an other worldly experience.  Worlds where crowds become immersed inside a multi-sensory exploration, live is where the music, the energy, the passion, and the artistry of Tailor Birds truly comes alive.

Based in Australia, Tailor Birds are now back in Europe for their 3 tour in as many years touring the new single, ‘Winters’ Fall’, from their highly anticipated 2nd album, which is currently being recorded.  Thrilled to be returning to Ireland for the 2 time, they’ll be playing this special one off performance at the Milk Market.  With a run of solo shows this summer through Holland, Ireland, and Switzerland, catch Tailor Birds whilst you can.

This special market show, will be from the one and only electric violinist/vocalist front-woman, Sophia Kinston.  With live looping, vocal harmonies, multiple pedals, and various foley instrumentation, this is an afternoon of music not to be missed.  There’ll be marbles, bubbling water, even some food chopping sounds, transforming sound sources into creative sound scores.  Sophie is inspiring, engaging, and offering up something new and never seen before, telling tales of love, loss, fear, and fantasy.  But also of hope, dreams, resurrection and rejuvenation, that anything is possible.

After they perform at the Limerick Milk Market, Tailor Bird will travel to Dublin on their tour, performing on Aug 16 at The Circles Sessions at The International Bar, and Aug 19, at The Song Room, in The Globe Bar.

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