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Tait House Community Enterprise

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Tait House Community Enterprise (formerly known as Southill House) is a community development co-operative whose mission is to generate enterprise, employment and training opportunities through the provision of services for the people of Limerick based at Collins Avenue, Roxboro Road. Over the last 8 months the organisation has been going through a rebranding process with a change of name to embrace the history of the building and the new organisational structures that have been put in place to serve and ensure the growth of its community through enterprise, training and education.

Built c. 1820 by the Evans family, Southill House became the home of Sir Peter Tait (1828-1890), a renowned business man who features strongly in the history of Limerick as one of the most colourful, flamboyant and entrepreneurial figures ever to have held the office of Mayor of Limerick. The Shetland Islands, Constantinople and Imperial Russia; all feature in the life of this amazing man.

Tait House Community Enterprise is implementing a new enterprise, training and education strategic plan for 2014 and the centrepiece is to support social and economic regeneration by accelerating the development of new businesses and services by establishing a Community Enterprise Centre with incubation space for start.

Tait House also offers invaluable environmental community resources such as free insulation assessments for the Better Energy Scheme and free home insulation upgrades to qualifying clients through the Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme. Tait House is also participating in the SEAI Area Based Project in conjunction with Limerick City & County Councils and are deep retrofitting homes with new windows and doors, heating upgrades, wall and attic insulation and supply of CFL Bulbs.

To find out more about Tait House visit their website here.

Tait House Inspire Social Enterprise Schools Programme pilots with CBS Sexton Streetwidth = 250 height = 250>

Lost Futures Lourdes Group Fundraiser at Tait House

Lost Futures Lourdes Group Fundraiser at Tait House

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Tait House Community Enterprise

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