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The House of Jro Five Little Triumphs The House of Jro Five Little Triumphs


Welcome to The House of Jro your go to blogger for everything and anything!



The House of Jro, Jen Ronan pictured above. Picture: Sarah Hayes.

The House of Jro

The House of Jro – Jen Ronan. Picture: Sarah Hayes.

Welcome to the House of Jro. Jen Ronan is a woman on a mission and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jen in the Stormy Teacup and chatting to her all about her life and blog.

Much to my surprise, Jen started off her life as a primary school teacher but after years of being a teacher she decided to venture down a different more creative path, writing and blogging.


The House or Jro really blew up in 2015 following Jen’s surgery to remove nodules from her throat. Jen is also a singer on the side of everything that she does! But during her recovery she started taking up a hobby of adult coloring books and wrote a blog post all about it. After writing her blog post she caught the attention of several Irish TV shows and talk shows, thus the Jen received an incredible amount of attention for such an inspiring piece.

Jen created the blog The House of Jro back in 2008 and since creating her blog she has been on Live 95fm, Spin Southwest, Ireland AM and is regularly on the show Midday, which is live at 12pm on TV3.

But why the name The House of Jro? Jen has the quirkiest personality and is so warm and welcoming so it was no surprise that the name reflected just that. Beneath what meets the eye, Jen discusses mental health, feminist pieces and being a woman in modern day Ireland in her blog.

Jen set out her blog, The House of Jro to be an “all purpose” type of blog for all ages and all genders. Jen started a problem page where her followers could write in to her and she would help them with any life questions that they had!

When chatting to Jen, she came across as such a down to earth type of woman as she takes inspirations from other bloggers such as Caitlyn Moran. Jen’s aim for the future is to be a freelance writer, blogger and potentially write her own book!

Jen is a breath of fresh air for the Irish blogging community as The House of Jro isn’t just your average everyday blog about fashion and beauty; Jen touches on real life topics for real life people, it’s her mentality about life that is so refreshing and reaches her audience and followers.

What are in the future cards for Jen? It’s by no surprise that this woman has an amazing future career ahead of her in writing and the world of show business! With a book on the way, there’s truly no stopping Jen and The House of Jro.

By I Love Limerick correspondent, Sarah Hayes

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