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The Pudding Brand Agency Launch


Richard with Gillian Horan at the launch of her branding agency 'The Pudding'. Picture: caleb Purcell.

Richard with Gillian Horan at the launch of her branding agency ‘The Pudding’. Picture: caleb Purcell.

The Pudding Brand Agency was officially launched Thursday 3rd April in The Copper Room, Limerick. It was attended by Limerick business people, local organisations and media representatives and proved to be as quirky as the name suggests.  This trendy event was organised to celebrate the launch of The Pudding –  a brand agency with their head office in Limerick accompanied by an office in Dublin.

Gillian Horan, Chief Brand Consultant, said “the reason I called the company The Pudding was my absolute belief in the power of branding. It is about who you are. It is the heart and soul of the organisation. If you build a strong brand, you build a strong business and you will see the results in your bottom line figures. I really believe in the Proof of the Pudding”.

The event also had some surprises with The Pudding’s resident mannequin who sported the brand colours greeting guests as they arrived. Branded cupcakes were abundant, keeping in line with the theme and keeping everyone happy and fed. As it was a wine and cheese reception, the venue was the perfect choice for an evening that had everyone networking and socialising.

Gillian spoke towards the end of the event explaining what the company do and why “The Pudding’s mission is to help our clients understand and embrace the power of branding so they can truly ‘live their brand’. We are so inspired by brands who love what they do. We encourage our clients to be different and better, and we try to do the same ourselves. From managing brand tweaks to full rebrands, our unique business model gives clients access to the strategic partners that give them the edge. We are committed to sharing our branding message and are excited about the future of branding in business!”

Pictures by Caleb Purcell for 2014. All Rights Reserved.






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