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Thermal Imaging Fever Unit Thermal Imaging Fever Unit


Mid-Western Cancer Foundation donates Thermal Imaging Fever Unit to Cancer Centre at UHL

Thermal Imaging Fever Unit: Anne Marie Gilmartin, Clinical Nurse Manager with Cancer Services with the Thermal Imaging Fever Unit 


Mid-Western Cancer Foundation donates Thermal Imaging Fever Unit to Cancer Centre at UHL

A Portable Rapid Deployment Thermal Imaging Fever Unit Screening System has been was generously purchased by the Mid-Western Cancer Foundation for the Cancer Centre at the University Hospital Limerick.

It has never been so important to monitor patients and staff coming into the Cancer Centre and further minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. The Thermal Imaging Fever unit identifies individuals with above-normal body temperature and therefore have a fever.




As we know, many individuals may not have signs or symptoms of Covid-19 and feel well. However, if they have a temperature of 37.5oC or above, the thermal imaging unit will alert staff. The skin monitoring system is a safe non-invasive process that has been calibrated to detect a temperature of greater than 37.5oC.

When patients come to the main reception area in the Cancer Centre, their temperature is taken as they walk close to or past the machine. If the staff or individual has a temperature, an alarm will notify the staff.

The patient will be asked to take a seat and triaged appropriately. This ensures that patients do not go into a clinic or the Oncology day ward thus preventing a potential Covid-19 positive person from entering the unit. This allows the staff to keep the clinics, day ward and other services open and running at full capacity.

Anne Marie Gilmartin, Clinical Nurse Manager for Cancer Services said, “All members of the Medical Oncology and Haematology teams were delighted with the introduction of the skin Monitoring system as it enhances safety precautions now and well into the future. It is expensive equipment (€10,500) that in the long-run has the potential to help save lives and reduce the risk of both the Cancer Services staff and patients from being exposed to Covid-19.

“It is portable so can be moved if needed to other areas within the department. I wish to thank the Mid-Western Cancer Foundation most sincerely for being so prompt in purchasing of this invaluable piece of equipment at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Foundation have as always put the safety of patients and the staff first.”

The Mid-Western Cancer Foundation was established to streamline donations. Its aim is to provide holistic care for patients with cancer and support research in the Mid-West Region. It was established by Professor R. K. Gupta, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Director of Cancer Services at the UHL Hospital, Limerick in 2007.

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