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Limerick Artist Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020

Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh, a limerick artist, has been shortlisted for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 for his piece ‘Rush Hour Okavango’.

Limerick Artist Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020

Limerick Artist Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh has been shortlisted for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020. This global competition was open to amateur and professional artists alike. The response was phenomenal with nearly 1,200 entries received.

The team at David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation were deeply touched by the time and creative thought wildlife artists have put into their entries and in doing so are helping us save endangered wildlife.


The panel of judges spent many enjoyable hours discussing the entries and was delighted that the standard has been extremely high. Currently, the exhibition is due to take place at Mall Galleries, London between Tuesday, May 26 and Sunday, May 31.

In 2018 Limerick artist Tomás was lucky enough to explore Southern Africa, namely some of the national parks of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia with a quick visit to Johannesburg South Africa. 

In 2019 Tomás held a solo art exhibition in Istabraq Hall, Limerick.  The exhibition was a celebration of the nature and landscape of these marvellous wild places. Africa possesses beauty like no other land. There is a range of habitats and geographic locations from the swamps of the Okavango to the Namib desert. 

The shortlisted painting ‘Rush Hour Okavango’ was on display in his Limerick Exhibition titled ‘Under African Skies. The painting depicts early one morning in the Okavango delta. 

“We travelled in the dark by dugout canoe to a riverbank. We could hear the screeching of the monkeys as they descended from the safety of their roost high in the trees to the bank of the river. There, they all crowded together, screeched, pushed and shoved each other. 

The main reason for their anxiety was the many crocs in that particular area. Eventually, one brave soul tore across the shallow river to the feeding grounds on the far side.  Seeing him on the far side the others followed in groups at top speed until they were all safely across,” said artist Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh.

Tomas was born in Limerick City in the ‘Parish’ and has been a continuous member of Limerick Art Society since 1977. He has held over 27 solo art exhibitions including one in the Limerick City Gallery of Art. 

He is a professional portrait and equine artist. He has co-produced two books including the bestselling ‘Discover Limerick’. His paintings have been sold to the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia. He now lives and works as a full-time portrait/figure artist and illustrator in his adopted County Clare.

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Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh

Tomás O Maoldomhnaigh’s painting ‘Rush Hour Okavango’

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