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Tommy Dillon celebrates 80 Tommy Dillon celebrates 80


Former weightlifting world champion Tommy Dillon celebrates 80



Former weightlifting world champion Tommy Dillon celebrates 80. L-R Family: Son Greg, wife Susan, daughter Audrey, The birthday boy Tommy, daughter Simone and son Thomas.

Tommy Dillon celebrates 80 at Limericks Claughan Club where more than 100 people showed surprised the former weightlifting world champion

Tommy Dillon celebrates 80
Tommy with his great pals Shane and Amanda Brodie, Southside Barbell Limerick crew & members of IPO & Hercules club who had an awesome night.

Tommy and his wife Susan got the surprise of their lives when daughters Audrey, Simone, and sons Greg and Thomas sprung the surprise alongside many family and friends. 

Tommy Dillon began his powerlifting journey back in late 1960’s training out of the Garryowen Weightlifting Club and by the early 1970’s he won his first title, the Munster junior powerlifting championships.

Tommy quickly started to dominate in powerlifting and bodybuilding, winning many titles. In 1976 he won both the Mr Ireland senior bodybuilding championships and the national senior powerlifting championships on the same day.



Tommy has won many powerlifting international European and World titles across a number of different federations and competed up until the age of 75 where he had to stop due to health reasons. Tommy has served as President of the IPO and in his early years he was President of the IPF for over a decade.

Tommy Dillon lived in Southill with his wife Susan and family for more than 40 years where Tommy ran the famous Southill Powerlifting Club known worldwide in the powerlifting community.

Tommy Dillon is a renowned powerlifter from Limerick, Ireland who is known for his dedication, perseverance, and incredible strength. Born and raised in Limerick, Tommy discovered his passion for weightlifting at a young age and has been relentlessly pursuing his dreams ever since.

In his early years, Tommy faced several challenges but he never gave up on his dream of becoming a world-class powerlifter. With determination and hard work, he slowly climbed up the ladder of success and gained recognition both nationally and internationally.

Tommy’s journey to becoming a powerlifting champion is nothing short of inspiring. He started lifting weights at the age of 16 and soon fell in love with the sport. Despite facing several injuries and setbacks along the way, Tommy continued to push himself to his limits and train harder than ever before. His hard work paid off as he started winning major competitions and representing Ireland at international powerlifting events.

Throughout his career, Tommy has set and broken numerous world records and has won several prestigious powerlifting championships, including the IPF World Championships and the European Powerlifting Championships. His unmatched strength and dedication to the sport have made him an inspiration to many aspiring powerlifters, both in Ireland and around the world.

In addition to his impressive achievements in powerlifting, Tommy is also known for his commitment to helping others in the fitness community. He regularly coaches and trains aspiring powerlifters and shares his knowledge and expertise with anyone who seeks his guidance.

Surrounded by family, friends, his local and powerlifting communtiy Tommy celebrated in style with a packed clubhouse. Tommy is a true legend in the world of powerlifting. His incredible strength, unwavering dedication, and inspiring journey have made him a hero to many. He is an inspiration to anyone who dreams of achieving greatness through hard work, determination, and passion. Happy 80th Birthday Tommy! Limerick Loves you! 

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