Tony Connolly Menswear celebrates 45 years in business

Tony Connolly Menswear celebrates 45 years in business

Pictured: Dave and Tony Connolly, of Tony Connolly Menswear, with Richard Lynch at its premises on Patrick Street.

Tony Connolly Menswear celebrates 45 years in business this week, marking the occasion with a celebration at the store’s premises on Patrick Street.

Family, friends and colleagues gathered to congratulate and commend the Connolly family on their dedication to their brand and the longevity of their business.

Gracious for the support they have received over the years, Limerick man Tony Connolly, founder of the family business thanked past and present supporters.

Speaking about the family-run business, Mr Connolly said: “It’s wonderful that we all, in some shape or form, had a reason to be involved in the business. They have all made such a contribution to the business. The loyalty and enthusiasm we have had will never be forgotten,” he said.

Among the crowds of supporters was Limerick fashion icon Celia Holman Lee, who said a few words on the night.

“To see him (Tony) come out the other end, after 45 years, I think it’s incredible. From a point of view of retail, and the stores that he has, there has always been trailblazing in the city.

“He was forever changing, he was forever introducing things.. And he was forever expanding. The whole structure of Tony Connolly, the whole business of Tony Connolly, is continuing.. And is as good as it’s ever been.”

Invited guests were treated to a rendition of ‘Limerick, you’re a lady’ by Mr Connolly, accompanied by Dennis Allen on guitar, with crowds joining in.

Special thanks were given to Paul Ryan, Tony’s “first partner in crime”, when they worked together when opening the shop in the Crescent.

Reminiscing on the years, Mr Connolly commented on the passing of time.

“Looking back over the 45 years, it seems that they have gone just so fast. Throughout the years, we have had some ups and downs.. We have had some success and we have had some failures, but the words of a song I was listening to today just came to mind.

“One line struck, that may be relevant tonight, and that’s ‘Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.’” Mr Connolly finished.

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