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Tracey Corbett Lynch releases memoir ‘Loss and What It Taught Me About Living



Tracey Corbett Lynch hopes to help those that are grieving with the release of her new book ‘Loss and What It Taught Me About Living.’

Tracey’s new book is a memoir of love, grief, hope and healing

By I Love Limerick correspondent Ellie McCarthy

Tracey, pictured above, with her late brother’s daughter, Sarah Corbett Lynch, at the launch of her book ‘Noodle Loses Dad’ in 2019. Picture: Kate Devaney/ilovelimerick

Tracey Corbett Lynch has encountered grief in all its guises throughout her life. Tracey’s new book ‘Loss and What It Taught Me About Living’ is the road map of her journey through an unimaginable pattern of pain.






Tracey experienced loss before she was even born as her twin sibling passed away before birth. Many years later, after her sister-in-law suffer a fatal asthma attack in the prime of her life, one of the things that shocked Tracey to her core was the unexpected death of her beloved brother, Jason. This changed Tracey’s life forever.

After Jason’s death in 2015, Tracey and her family were victims to a six-year legal battle, trying to regain custody of his two children, who were still in the hands of the woman that murdered him in South Carolina. 

Tracey commented, “In my life, I’ve lost a twin; had an adored sister-in-law suffer a fatal asthma attack in the prime of her life; had a brother murdered by his second wife and father-in-law; been caught in a six-year legal nightmare over my family’s campaign for justice for him; had a cherished brother-in-law die in his 40s; and then, just when I thought I had coped with all that life could possibly throw at me, had the Covid-19 pandemic claim my adored mother.”

‘Loss and What It Taught Me About Living’ is Tracey’s survival story as it details what worked for her along the way of adjusting to her new normal. The book features the systems she put in place to cope with the heartache that life threw her way and finding her path to recovery.

It also follows along the path of how she rediscovered purpose and hope. Through experiences, research and advice, Tracey offers an accessible book with concrete tips on easing pain and learning to live alongside loss.

Tracey’s added, “The purpose of this book is to show that, while the journey may be long and you will face setbacks, if you face the reality of life, love and loss, the pain at each station along the way can be lessened.”

Tracey Corbett Lynch is a mother to a blended family of four children here in Limerick. Dean and Adam are her two eldest sons with her husband, David. Jack and Sarah are her brother Jason Corbett’s children, whom she fought for and won custody of after Jason’s death. Undoubtedly, Jason’s children serve as a reminder of how he shone so brightly. Jack, Sarah, and the family will keep Jason’s legacy alive forever.

Tracey continues to front a determined campaign for justice for her brother. She is a resilient woman who can bounce back from anything that comes her way. Tracey serves as an inspiration to many as she continues to spread positivity and awareness around mental health and well-being.

Co-author of the book, Ralph Riegel is a Southern Correspondent for the Irish Independent and a regular contributor to RTÉ, BBC and Virgin Media One. Tracey and Ralph previously worked together on the No.1 bestseller ‘My Brother Jason’.

‘Loss and What It Taught Me About Living’ is the perfect book for anyone that has experienced some form of grief as it is written by someone who understands the intense sorrow that comes with losing someone you love. Grief comes in waves, and it must be faced head-on, however, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This book is the perfect start.

‘Loss and What It Taught Me About Living’ by Tracey Corbett Lynch is published by Gill and is available to purchase now, priced at €18.99.

To buy the book, go HERE

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