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The Training Room Limerick


By I Love Limerick Correspondent Ethan Glavin

Richard with Eric Johnson, founder of The Training Room

Richard with Eric Johnson, founder of The Training Room

The Training Room is a Limerick gym focused on TRX suspension training, located on Earsons Lane across from Bourke’s pub off of Catherine St. It was founded and is run by Limerick man Eric Johnson, a personal trainer, speed, agility and fitness coach with TRX level 1 and 2 qualifications.

Eric started out just a year ago, giving free lessons with his TRX equipment set up in People’s Park. Back then he approached joggers, asking them if they’d spare a few minutes of their time for him to give them an introduction to the training. Eric went back regularly, and soon enough had people waiting to train with him there. He then went on to teaching classes in a fitness studio on O’Connell St, before moving The Training Room to its current location on Earsons Lane.

The 24-year-old is a self-starter and built his business off of savings and the profits made from selling his TV and gaming console. Eric then went on to renovate the premises of The Training Room by himself, and what used to be a bare space is now fitted with TRX equipment.

In suspension training the athlete completes exercises while working against their own body weight. The intensity of the session can be adjusted by altering their stance, thus making it a great work-out for any fitness level.

"Don't Quit. Don't Fail" is the philosophy at The Training Room. Graffiti by Limerick artist Dr Jay

“Don’t Quit. Don’t Fail” is the philosophy at The Training Room. Graffiti by Limerick artist Dr Jay

“As I tell my clients, ‘Don’t quit. Don’t fail’.” Eric said standing next to the graffiti by Limerick artist Dr Jay, proclaiming The Training Room’s mantra. “I didn’t quit, I didn’t fail, and look what I achieved.”

While TRX is the main focus of The Training Room, other classes are also offered, including kettlebell training, strength conditioning and functional circuit training. Sessions cost €7 each, and a month’s membership, that offers unlimited access to any of the 137 monthly classes, can be purchased for €40.

For more information on The Training Room like the Facebook page.
Get in touch with Eric on 085 822 44 21, or send an email to [email protected]

Inside The Training Room

Inside The Training Room













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