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First Transition Year Teenage Market First Transition Year Teenage Market


First Transition Year Teenage Market launch at the Limerick Milk Market



Transition Year Teenage MarketMinister of Education Jan O’Sullivan will officially open the Transition Year Teenage Market at the Milk Market on the 18th December 2015 at 12:30pm.The Limerick Milk Market is honoured to be the first market in Ireland to develop a market programme of this kind. This programme seeks to enhance the learning outcomes of students participating in the Transition Year Enterprise Awards Programme coordinated by the Local Enterprise Office and Whizzkids with dedicated support from MAST and Love Your Local Market on the market side of the programme.

Siobhan Downey of the Friday Market has been working with a number of schools in the locality in recent weeks in advance of this launch at the Milk Market.
Siobhan Downey: “With the backing of the Local Enterprise Office, Whizzkids, Local Schools, MAST and Love Your Local Market Ireland; The Team at the Milk Market will create a dedicated Mini Teenage Market within its regular Friday Market, where a number of Limerick Secondary school students will sell a range of Handmade Products / Prints / Gifts / Exhibit Products in development as part of the future wave of budding entrepreneurs.” 

David Fitzgerald from the Limerick Milk Market has said that: “The Teenage Market Programme has Transition Year Teenage Marketproved to be a successful initiative in assisting urban regeneration in the United Kingdom and in providing an avenue for a younger generation of market traders to take up the mantle within an Industry that continues to promote indigenous small scale employment opportunities and fundamental Entrepreneurial skills supporting our respective communities. The Transition Year Programme is the natural choice for a cornerstone in delivering a viable Teenage Market in Ireland.”

Reconizable benefits of the Teenage Milk Market include; The opportunity for all participants to acquire practical commercial skills & business know-how in a fun community based environment. The opportunity for all participants to develop interpersonal communication skills within a business setting, to aid student understand of the importance of customer service skills interaction in the successful running of any business. Opportunities for personal growth & development as well as allowing participants to discover a new career path.



Futhermore, there will be a great benefit for the locality due to this Teenage Market in the Milk Market as it will attract new shoppers and visitors of all generations, Increase spending in the area, positively affecting the local economy. The creative animation of a town/city centre, through a range of interactive performances as well as opportunities for established traders to mentor and share their skills.

The Minister and Invited guests will be entertained by the Children from St Michaels National School Barrington St, who will sing a number of Christmas Carols. As well as enjoy the many delights of the Christmas Market at the Milk Market Limerick, the Heart of shopping at Christmas.

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