UL International Programme brings students from around the globe to Limerick

UL International Programme

UL International Programme: Just a few of the University of Limerick’s many welcomed International Students pictured outside the university library!

UL International Programme brings students from around the globe to Limerick

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Mary Doyle

In the multicultural, cosmopolitan Ireland of today, it is no surprise to see an abundance of international students getting the chance to embrace the University of Limerick lifestyle as much as the Irish students themselves. The University of Limerick’s International Education Division coordinate a state-of-the-art programme which allows for students of universities in over three hundred countries around the world to attend UL for a semester, or even a full academic year if they so desire.

The UL International Programme began back in the year 1987, and since then over three million international students have come and gone, gaining the experience of living as a student attending the beautiful University of Limerick. UL’s partner universities include institutes from Europe, America, South America, Asia and even Australia to name a few. Not only are students from these countries offered the chance to study in Limerick, but the same opportunity is given to the students of UL, with every course having the option for students to partake in a study abroad programme.

This year, UL was ranked number two in the world rankings for International Student Happiness, and if this is not an indication of the success of the UL International Programme then it is hard to imagine what is. Speaking on the accomplishment, Dr Des Fitzgerald, UL President, said, “It is no surprise that UL continues to lead the way in terms of student experience for international students. The staff at UL work closely with the UL International Education Division to ensure that every international student at UL returns home having had an excellent personal and academic experience at UL.”

With the amount of diversity present at UL each year, students are never far from an opportunity to learn about and engage with the cultures of other countries, directly from a primary source. Speaking about the positive experience they had during their study abroad from 2017 to 2018, Ruhi Anand, UL International Student, says, “UL has become a popular destination for Indian students. This, I am certain, has to do a great deal with the culture and ethos of the University. The lush green campus and the River Shannon flowing through it, who wouldn’t fall in love with such a sight? UL is my safe haven!” The positive effect which UL has on people continues to spread further across the globe each year thanks to the exceptional UL International Programme.

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