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UL Language Outreach Programme invites you to learn a new language this year!



UL Language Outreach Programme has been running since 2016.

The UL School of Modern Languages offers evening classes in languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic

Language classes are offered at different levels of proficiency.

Are you looking to improve your language skills or to learn a new language from scratch this year? The Language Outreach Programme offered at the University of Limerick might be for you.

The School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics at UL has been successfully running the Language Outreach Programme since 2016. It offers evening classes at different levels of proficiency in languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and – for the first time this year – Arabic.





“In our ever-growing global world, learning a second language or improving existing language skills can only be beneficial to all of us. It certainly increases our communication abilities and develops our cultural awareness,” says Dominique Le Meur, lecturer in French and Language Outreach Programme academic coordinator. 

Languages are a great asset whether you plan on travelling for work or holidays, want to boost your CV with a new skill, or simply because you want to learn something new and be challenged. 

“Someone who demonstrates proficiency in a language other than English has a big advantage when seeking employment. It shows abilities to be open and understand other cultures and values, which is highly important in the multicultural society we are living in,” adds Mr Le Meur. 

“Also, If you can communicate in the native language of the country you are visiting, your experience will be far richer, and this will give you access to social and cultural aspects you would not be able to discover speaking English only.”

Language Outreach Programme courses are designed for adult learners and provide speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Classes, taught in groups of ten to twelve, are interactive and based on oral communication. Each course consists of one, two-hour class over the course of 10 weeks from September 2022 to March 2023.  

ul Language Outreach Programme
Courses consist of one, two-hour class over the course of 10 weeks.

Students will also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the culture relevant to the language they choose to learn, as all programme tutors are native speakers.

“Our tutors make sure that everyone benefits from the class and enjoys learning their chosen language. The minute you enter our classrooms, you are immediately in contact with the foreign language culture as if you had just arrived at your destination,” states Mr Le Meur.

“So, if you think this may be a great opportunity for you, we will be happy to welcome you at UL this Autumn.”

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