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PHOTOS Vacious by Sinead brand launched by social influencer Sinead O’Brien



Vacious by Sinead – Sinead has announced the first of her products, Vacious Shapewear, and launched her website on Tuesday, October 5. Picture: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick

Vacious by Sinead brand launched by social influencer Sinead O’Brien

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Ann Mc Donald


vacious by sinead Sinead has shared pictures of her Vacious Shapewear on the official Vacious by Sinead Instagram.

Sinead has shared pictures of her Vacious Shapewear on the official Vacious by Sinead Instagram.

Limerick social influencer Sinead O’Brien is proud to announce the official launch of her new brand ‘Vacious by Sinead.’

The first product to be released from the brand will be her shapewear line, ‘Vacious Shapewear’ which will be available on her website soon. 

“It’s only taken me two years to make this happen, but I can now proudly say that I have built the most incredible piece of shapewear that you will ever own,” she said. 

She also explained the meaning behind the name, ‘Vacious by Sinead,’ that it is an abbreviation for the phrase, “Value all curves, Inspire our unique self.”

So far, she has only shown ‘the all rounder,’ which is the first of many styles to come within the range.

“This bodysuit is designed to smooth and sculpt the tum, hips and bum, and give support and shape where needed,” she explained.

This is the first of the Vacious Shapewear that she designed, as it’s the style that she wears the most. She confessed that she’s been wearing it for months and has been dying to tell her audience.

She said, “Designed from scratch by yours truly, you can absolutely take it from a girl who’s fluctuated in size all her life, the one thing I know and know well is shapewear!”

Her website, which was supposed to launch on Monday, October 4 but was delayed due to Facebook and Instagram being down, launched on Tuesday, October 5, so make sure to keep an eye out on her Instagram for updates!


vacious by sinead

Sinead is a social influencer, singer, model and stylist, who shares her style and life on social media daily.

Popular Limerick social media influencer Sinead O’Brien, known as Sinead’s Curvy Style, has recently announced the launch of her brand, ‘Vacious by Sinead.’

The Patrickswell woman said, “I am beyond excited to finally be sharing the words that have been so tight-lipped over the past two years.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be launching my own brand, I’m so proud of what I have created.”

While the product remains a secret, Sinead assured her followers that it will be announced in October and that they are currently in the middle of manufacturing. 

“They say good things don’t come easy, well my god this has been one hell of a process and believe me, I am bursting to tell you what the first product is,” she said.

The official Vacious by Sinead Instagram account reached 10k followers in under 3 hours, which Sinead said took her a year and a half to reach when she first started her blog. 

“To think I haven’t even said what the product is yet goes to show the incredible love and support that I have from all my followers. I thought I was excited before but now I am just mind blown,” she said. 

Since announcing her new brand on Friday, August 27, the Instagram account has already got over 22k followers. 

Sinead is not just a social influencer, but also a singer, model and a stylist, who shares her style and life on social media daily. She has over 81k followers on Instagram, and over 42k likes on her Facebook page.

She has successfully created a platform for herself where she can promote body positivity throughout Ireland. 

Sinead had her first big breakthrough in the fashion world in 2012 when she won a national competition to find a new curvy model to be the Face of TemptedThis win was the birth of Sinead’s blog ‘Sineads Curvy Style’ and her modelling career took off from that point onwards.

She found herself being invited to participate in fashion shows yet finding herself at the side of the stage watching the show as there were often times where there were no clothes provided to fit her.

“I would walk in so confident and loving my curves but the shops involved in the show would let me down as they would say they had nothing for me to wear. I’d watch all the other models go out on the ramp and it was so disheartening,” she said.

This inspired her to do her own events, which quickly skyrocketed, going from Dolan’s pub in Limerick to doing events all around Ireland. 

Sinead said that she has never been more ready to take the next step into her new venture and thanked all her fans for their continued support. 

Congrats Sinead! We love you and are all rooting for you! You go girl!

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Pictures: Krzysztof Luszczki/ilovelimerick

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