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What I missed about Limerick What I missed about Limerick


What I missed about Limerick during Covid-19

What I missed about Limerick: Limerick boasts some of the most interesting culture, history, scenery, nightlife, architecture, festivals, institutions, art, restaurants, and people.

What I missed about Limerick during Covid-19

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Mary McCarthy

As a student studying at the University of Limerick and with Covid-19 cutting my time in Limerick short this year it is easy to think back on what I miss about Limerick and what I love about living in Limerick. Limerick plays a large part in all our lives whether it be where we started out our life, where we grew up, or where we began our first steps into adulthood. What is it that draws us to Limerick? Is it the fond memories we hold or maybe it is just the draw of the city itself? Whatever it is that draws you to this wonderful city I am sure that you and I share some of the same reasons as to why this city is something special to all of us.

1. The Nature Trails

What I missed about Limerick

If you have ever walked along the many nature trails around the University of Limerick you would know what I’m talking about when I say that they are truly breath taking, and following one of the many trails in the early morning is lovely with the fresh crisp air. Unfortunately, this year with the flooding, it wasn’t as easy to access all the trails but when not flooded it’s lovely to walk along the river whether it be with a love interest, a friend or even by yourself it is always nice to enjoy the serenity of the nature surrounding you in that moment. Of course, there are other gorgeous nature walks in Limerick all over the county, some such include: King Johns Castle and Arthurs Quay Park.

2. The Night Life

What I missed about Limerick

Growing up in a small village, there is nothing better to me than wandering through Limerick City at night, the nightlife in Limerick is fantastic. There is a place for everyone in Limerick, whether you like rock music, dance music or live music, there is always somewhere to go to enjoy whatever type of music you are into. There is always interesting people to meet and talk to, my personal favourite on a night out is Costello’s where the people are fun, the music is great and there is always an interesting conversation to have with Flan Costello himself as you hand him your fiver and are introduced into the wonderful world of Costello’s tavern. A good night out is not complete without food, and there are lots of choices available where you can sit together discussing the night with everyone while munching away on your favourite fast food.

3. The People

What I missed about Limerick

The people in Limerick are good-spirited. They are interesting and kind, and they show great pride when they gather on the streets to celebrate the Christmas lights being switched on and the St Patricks day parade. I enjoy walking down Cruises Street or Bedford Row, hearing some new person singing or busking on the street, showcasing their talent. What’s not to love about walking up O’Connell Street and getting a wink from the Charlie Chaplin mime artist just up from Penney’s. The taxi drivers are kind and always up for a chat, the bus drivers are funny and very helpful when I first moved to Limerick and was confused about where things were and locals were always willing to help me navigate the city. Once I even got locked into the Milk Market when I was doing a class project and a kind chef allowed me to escape through the kitchen of their restaurant when I asked for help.

4. The Architecture

What I missed about Limerick

Typical features of the architecture in Limerick include arched or bay windows with brick detailing around doorways and metal railings enclosing long front gardens. My favourite architecture in the city is the red brick houses dating back to the Edwardian period, the large red brick houses with large windows, the elaborate details around the windows and doors, and their large balconies. When I travel past them on the bus, I enjoy looking out at them and insisting to my friends that I will one day end up in one of those houses, Limerick is home to the largest Georgian Quarter in Ireland outside of Dublin.

5. The History

What I missed about Limerick

The history of Limerick is evident all throughout the city from the buildings, to the walks, to the very streets we traipse up and down on. It is one of Ireland’s largest and oldest cities and was founded by the Vikings in 812. King John’s Castle, a very well-known staple of the community of Limerick, was built in 1200 on the orders of King John himself. It was also it’s own soviet for twelve days in 1919 from April 15 to April 27. The history of the City and county is evident all throughout the streets as you walk through them, in the names of the streets, the buildings, and the people. See

6.  University of Limerick

What I missed about Limerick

Perhaps you may call me biased as I attend the college but there is no denying that the campus is brilliant. Being part of the college and the community within UL is wonderful, the campus is beautifully done and is very involving with markets every Tuesday and the two bars on campus being a great place to relax and hang out with your friends after spending the day working in the labs. There are loads of clubs and societies to be involved in and there are always places to sit with your friends and have a chat between classes. The Living Bridge that connects the Limerick campus to the Clare campus is one of my favourite parts of the campus, sitting out and looking across the River Shannon is very serene.

7. The Celebrations

What I missed about Limerick

In Limerick, there are celebrations for everything, which I love. People come together all the time to celebrate Pride, the switching on of the lights at Christmas, St Patricks Day, Riverfest, and New Year’s Eve. Whether it be with a parade, a fair, or fireworks. It is all very wonderful and shows the community of Limerick and reflects brilliantly on the people of the county. It shows a great culture of pride in their county and in their people.

8. The River Shannon

What I missed about Limerick

The River Shannon is beautiful and runs right through the city and the main campus of UL. At night, the lights reflect off the river and the air flows off the river through the streets of the city, walking along the Sarsfield Bridge in the city to stare out over the waters of the Shannon is a walk that I thoroughly enjoy in my time in the city. Watching kayakers have fun on the Shannon while you talk with your friends on a sunny day just across from Arthurs Quay is another past time that I find quite enjoyable.

9. Street Art

What I missed about Limerick

Some people would prefer not to have street art in their community at all; however, I think that street art adds character to the streets of Limerick and reveals wonderful talent in the community for art. One of my favourite street arts is the ‘Eye’s scream’ by the artist Smug, which is located near St John’s Castle and was commissioned for the Make a Move festival. You will find street art like this all over Limerick used to add character to the city, lighting the city with colour and allowing us art to enjoy everywhere on the streets of Limerick.

10. The Restaurants

What I missed about Limerick

My final love of Limerick is the restaurants which combines my love of Limerick with my love of food. There are so many different restaurants to choose from when going to Limerick whether you are going for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. My personal favourite is Esquires because I am a self-confessed coffee addict and the food there is perfect for lunch or breakfast with the inside being cosy and warm during the winter months, and right across from Lucky Lane (a vintage store) one of my favourite hidden gems of Limerick. There is food available for all occasions in Limerick, you can order food in for when you are too lazy to cook, or you could go for a sit-down dinner in a nice restaurant. There are all different types of food to try from all over the world and you can even have a traditional Irish meal at Dolans. What I missed about LimerickWhat I missed about Limerick What I missed about Limerick What I missed about Limerick What I missed about Limerick

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Richard is a presenter, producer, songwriter and actor. He was named the Limerick Person of the Year (2011) and won an online award at the Metro Éireann Media and Multicultural Awards (2011) for promoting multi-culturalism online. Richard says that the concept is very much a community driven project that aims to document life in Limerick. So, that in 20 years time people can look back and remember the events that were making the headlines.