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LSAD Key Partners in 1.5 Million Creative Europe Project Womarts



LSAD Key Partners in 1.5 Million Creative Europe Project Womarts; Pictured are Dr Liam Brown (left) VP of Research, Development and Innovation and Dr. Tracy Fahey (right) Director of the LSAD Research Centre Academy

LSAD Key Partners in 1.5 Million Creative Europe Project Womarts

Limerick School of Art and Design, LSAD, at LIT will be participating in an exciting new 1.5 million Creative Europe project that aims to restore parity of representation to women working in the visual arts, performance arts and literature. Women Equal Share Presence in the Arts and Creative Industries, or Womarts for short, will operate from 2018-2020 across Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland and Lithuania. Womarts is one of only fifteen large-scale projects to be funded in 2017 by the Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of Creative Europe.

Director of the LSAD research centre ACADEMY, Dr Tracy Fahey says ‘This is a real passion project for us at LSAD. Although European Commission treaties have gender quality at their core, research collated by the project team of [email protected] shows that there is still a great gap in the promotion, visibility and access to the market for female artists. We are committed to the equal promotion of female artists, and we’re delighted that through Womarts we will be able to offer residencies, masterclasses and exhibition opportunities to Irish female artists.’

Womarts is an ambitious project that will involve the creation of sixteen ambassadors, all recognised European artists in the visual, performing and literary arts, the provision of masterclasses by women artists and managers, and the creation of an online platform for female artists to show work. The final part of this project involves forty residencies for female artists that will result in a travelling transmedia exhibition inspired by Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist classic, The Second Sex. Lead partner Silvia Modia of the Auditorio de Galicia, the cultural department of Santiago de Compostela Municpality in Spain commented “Taking into account the imbalance of female representation in the creative industries markets, and in particular, the difficulties for female creators in their work being produced and distributed, we are thrilled by the selection of Womarts by Creative Europe. We look forward to the implementation of the project, and through it to the realisation of European values of socio-economic equality and integration.”

Mike Fitzpatrick, Head of School at LSAD says ‘LSAD is delighted to work on this, our second Creative Europe project, and we feel the ethos of the project is very much in keeping with our mission to promote and support emerging female artists.’

According to Dr Liam Brown, Vice President Research, Development  & Innovation “LIT is delighted to be a core partner in the exciting Womarts Creative Europe project. It aligns perfectly with a number of key strengths and priorities of the college – Creative Arts, entrepreneurship and gender equality”.

LSAD at LIT will work on this project with Auditorio de Galicia, Women in Film & Television Finland, Viesoji Istaiga Vilniaus Rotuse, Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir, Communauté d’Agglomération du Grand Angoulême, the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, the Academy of Applied Arts University in Rijeka, Umetnostna Galerija Maribor and the Fundación Municipal de Cultura de Avilés.

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