Limerick launches First World Eating Disorder Day June 2 2019

world eating disorder day

Limerick Launches first World Eating Disorder Day on Sunday, June 2 at Arthur’s Quay at 1 pm.

Limerick launches First World Eating Disorder Day June 2 2019

Annually across the globe, June 2, 2019, is “World Eating Disorders Action Day”. A collective effort led by grassroots activists, volunteers, and over 250 organizations in 40+ countries across the globe, organizations and activists will be hosting local live events, broadcast meetings, lighting buildings and landmarks the colour purple, and will use social media to take action.

world eating disorder day

Join Limerick in launching Ireland’s first World Eating Disorder Day in Arthur’s Quay Park on Sunday, June 2 at 1 pm

Karen Gould is launching the country’s first eating disorder awareness event for June 2. Karen said, “On the day we want to put Limerick on the map as regards Ed awareness, by showing the world our purple. Adopt the theme however you like, wear purple, dye your hair, paint your nails or wear a tie. It’s up to you, just be you.” Karen set up a mental health page called ‘Let’s Talk’ which is for the community to talk about their experiences with mental health issues

Wold Eating Disorder day is a movement to ensure that entrenched societal misunderstandings of eating disorders (including within the clinical community and among insurers and health systems) are overwritten by science and the newest research and evidence on Eating Disorders prevention, care and treatment.

In 2019 there are many local events managed by activists across the globe, working off the World Eating Disorders Day social media platforms and hosting Flash Mobs, Lectures, Public Seminars, Art Shows, Radio and TV programs, Lighting up buildings and so much more. The public need to continue to dispel myths and stereotypes and share the message that “Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait”. They need to be treated and funded as the deadly brain disorders they are.

On Sunday, June 2 Karen will launch Ireland’s first World Eating Disorder Event in Arthur’s Quay, Limerick at 1 pm. Karen encourages everyone to “come along bring the family, kids, friends even the dog. We will have a group photo taken, holding up messages of hope for those afflicted around the world. I will supply the materials. See you all there. Share and spread the word.”

Homefocus at Hickey’s has sponsored the awareness ribbons which are now available in store and will be on the day. Merchants Quay will turn their building purple on June 2 to help spread awareness and show their support. Join the movement by raising your voices. Donate to your local Eating Disorder organisation here.

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