Limerick Teens say YURT for Mental Health Week 2017

YURT for Mental Health

Catherine Byrne TD and Minister for Health Promotion, pictured at the launch of the youth activities and YURT for Mental Health campaign for Limerick Mental Health Week at the Northside Youth Space, Ballynanty, Limerick.

Limerick Teens say YURT for Mental Health Week 2017

A social media campaign called #MHYURT YURT for Mental Health, a family fun day and an art exhibition are just some of the youth-led activities that will take place for this year’s Limerick Mental Health Week which runs from Friday, 6 October until Friday, 13 October.

A result of a collaborative effort from three leading youth organisations, Limerick Youth Service, Jigsaw and Foroige, the week aims to inform young people of the services available to them and how they can look after their own mental wellbeing.

The youth events for YURT for Mental Healthstart with a Family Fun Day on Saturday, 7 October with plenty of activities aimed at promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

“Throughout the week we will be running an interactive social media campaign called #MHYURT,” said Siobhan Wilmott, Limerick Youth Service.

“YURT is local slang for ‘yes’ so our young people decided to go with #MHYURT, basically ‘Yes for Mental Health!” said Siobhan adding, “we are challenging young people to get involved and play a role in promoting positive mental health for themselves, their friends and family.”

As part of the social media campaign, each day a young person will have to perform a challenge that follows Jigsaw’s 5-a-day for your mental health- Connect, Get Active, Notice, Get Involved, Give.

YURT for Mental Health

Connect with a cuppa! Having a chat with friends & colleagues is good for mental wellbeing.

“On Monday we are asking you to ‘connect’ be it with friends or classmates,” said Tanya O’Sullivan, Jigsaw, adding: “this can be over a coffee or a chat at lunchtime.  On Tuesday we are challenging you to ‘Get Active’ by going for a walk or taking part in the Limerick Beat the Street initiative.’

The challenges will continue through the week and you can post your selfies on social media with the hashtag #MHYURT. 

On Monday, 9 October, Jigsaw is inviting you to their Hub at Arthur’s Quay, Limerick, to learn about their services, the importance of self-care, and of having ‘One Good Adult’ in your life. The information workshop runs from 2:15-4:15 pm.

The public is also invited to an exhibition at the Hunt Museum, Limerick City.  Titled ‘Reflections,’ it features mental health-themed artwork by young people from Limerick Youth Service’s Community Training Centre. 

With Mental Health in the Workplace being the theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day, which falls on Tuesday, 10 October, Limerick Youth Service is holding a lunchtime yoga session at its Northside Youth Space, Ballynanty.

YURT for Mental Health events is not confined to the city, with a ‘5-a-Day Let’s Go Mental’ themed event taking place at Rathkeale Youth Space on Wednesday, 11 October from 4:30-7:30 pm.

The online challenges facing young people in the 21st century will be part of a Web Safety & Cyberbullying Workshop for Parents at Limerick Youth Service on Thursday, 12 October.

The workshop will discuss the online world that many teenagers live in while challenging parent’s use of the internet.

Limerick Mental Health Week promotes positive mental health in the community and aims to inform people about the services available in the Limerick region.

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