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Richard very kindly launched a three-month pilot of the Irish Hospice Foundation’s Think Ahead initiative. Richard spoke beautifully at the launch really engaging with the audience and brought a wonderful energy to the event. Richard also very kindly included us on the ILoveLimerick blog as well as in the ILoveLimerick column in the Chronicle. Richard is fantastic to work with, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to him for all his support.
Richard is a wonderful ambassador for Limerick and has spent the last few years promoting Limerick as the wonderful place it is. He continues to help both individuals and businesses to connect with each other and is always on hand to promote events and good businesses in Limerick. Richard has been a huge help to me over the last few years in assisting me to get the word out there for my events & charity fundraisers.
On behalf of the Carers Association we would like to thank Richard Lynch and ILoveLimerick for the professional service that you have given us over the past 12 months especially in assisting us to promote our recent major fundraising event, the Limerick Masquerade Ball. We can find it difficult to get the message out there and as financially we are not in a position to fund major media coverage your help has been extremely beneficial to us and all of the 16,500.00 Family Carers in the Midwest. Many thanks & Warmest regards
I would highly recommend Richard Lynch & I Love Limerick for their expertise in Marketing and PR. Richard has provided his services on rebranding our organisation and his input has been an invaluable asset to Tait House Community Enterprise
My experience with the AMAZING Mr Richard Lynch has been an absolute pleasure. He is one of the most sincere, genuine, caring and professional people I have had the pleasure of getting to know and I would now consider him a dear friend. Richard first contacted me in relation to my daughter Leah Melling, a fourteen year old singer / songwriter. He had seen her video on you tube and from there he has spent endless hours helping to promote her and help her achieve her goals .He has organised photo shoots, live performances, videos and also recording time. Since working with Richard, Leah`s confidence within herself has grown so much and she would like so much to thank Richard, as would I. Richard puts his whole heart into everything he does and is an inspiration to all Limerick people. We are very lucky to have him.
On behalf of St Michael’s Rowing Club, we would like to extend a sincere ‘Thank You’ both to you and your colleagues for your generous and invaluable support of the SMRC Urban Run over the past three months. From the great newspaper articles in the Limerick Chronicle, background research on the event, features on the excellent I Love Limerick site, to the organisation and featuring of the race day photographs – it was amazing! Social fundraising events like ours would not be possible without the backing of energetic and enthusiastic Limerick people like you! Over 350 runners and walkers turned out to raise funds for St Michaels and The Children’s Hospital in Crumlin on a lovely September day – and with your help, they went home and saw their photos on the SMRC Urban Run Facebook site that night. Thank you Richard from your fans in St. Michaels Rowing Club. We look forward to doing it all again on the 28th September 2014.
I would like to thank this opportunity to thank most sincerely Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick for the amazing support and exposure he has given to Ian’s Trust since its inauguration this year.He has worked tirelessly to help us get the name out there with such great positivity and genuine belief in us and all that we endeavor to do in helping Children with Acquired Brain Injury and their families. To The Moon And Back….” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Naomi Panter, Limerick Smarter Travel”] “Richard and his team have made a significant difference to how how information is shared within the Limerick community and has done this while creating a brand/ identity which is positive, honest and cool. I Love Limerick has been supportive of the work of Limerick Smarter Travel since the beginning and has been generous in advising LST in creating its own identity through multimedia and marketing.
Thank you Richard Lynch for promoting and advertising the Ballingarry 10k Fun/Run/Walk in the Limerick Chronicle and online and for photographing our event and distributing it on social media. We had some runners from Limerick and i asked them where did they see it advertised and they said I Love Limerick! Thanks again for all your help and support in the past few years to our fundraising efforts.
I had the pleasure of meeting Richard and the I love Limerick team last summer ( July 2013)for the first time when I was working with the “Make A Move” Urban Hip Hop Festival Team. Richard and his team were extremely supportive of this festival which is focused on youth and engages youth through Hip hop Culture ( Music Art /Dance). Richard was instrumental in promoting a special event Hip Hop Dance Event exclusively for Children with Mixed Abilities. On the success of this event we are promoting dance classes (hip hop) in urban communities around the city as well as setting up classes for children and youth with various physical and mental challenges. Richard and the “ I love limerick” team put a lot of effort and time into promoting community projects and are an essential integral part of Limerick City and surrounding Limerick Regions.
Richard Lynch and I Love Limerick has been a valuable source of help and inspiration to me. Richard gave me opportunities to do presenting on videos and discover skills I didn’t know I had. This gave me the confidence to go job interviews and gigs that I got on TV and being screen tested for the job of presenter of Masterchef. Richard is an amazing individual with a tireless generosity and boundless energy for everything he does. His site is a huge asset to Limerick and everyone who lives here in Limerick.
Richard is a true ambassador for all that is good about Limerick, and we are lucky to have him. He’s been a wonderful support for me and my writing; I only have to ask and he obliges with generous column inches anytime a new book is about to hit the shelves I also greatly admire his positive energy and genuine love for the city in which he lives; I don’t think Richard could be negative if he tried.
Richard Lynch has enabled my business gain invaluable coverage through his commitment to bothLimerick and small business. He is an excellent communicator , has a wealth of media knowledge and possesses excellent organisational skills in ensuring deadlines are met through various mediums.
As Munster fundraising co-ordinator for Self Help Africa I would like to thank Richard and I Love Limerick for always supporting and profiling fundraising activities for us – we really appreciate it!
Richard and I Love Limerick makes it possible for the minority communities to be visible. He is a true ambassador for integration and social inclusion by participating in various events and writing about it in his column, blog and I Love Limerick. Without his work our voice would not be heard and our input in the life of local community recognised. He is a great supporter of Polish Art Festival and we are very grateful for all his work and for making a difference for our community.
Having heard his praises being sang on many occasions I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Lynch for the first time in September 2012 at the Milford Hospice Harvest Fair, which is one of the many deserving community events and organisations which Richard and the I Love Limerick team generously lend their support to. Richard lit up the room at a recent Network Limerick event I attended with his infectious energy and enthusiasm. Richard is a fantastic Ambassador for Limerick and his passion for the City and people of Limerick is obvious at every event he is involved in. I look forward to working with Richard again on future projects.
On the release of my first single “We Prevailed Today”, you included me in your ‘I Love Limerick’ article in the Limerick Chronicle newspaper, shared my video on your Facebook page and took some fantastic photos and video’s at the Limerick Pride Climax party. It’s always nice to get some support from people in your city. I would like to thank you for focusing on the positive aspects and being the person that you are.
Richard Lynch has been a great support for us in advertising our Professional Development Workshops and all our events through the I Love Limerick website. He has always been nothing but professional and reliable sending a prompt reply as soon as we contact him. He really has done so much for promoting Limerick; he is a great asset to the city.
As a photographer living and working in Limerick I have the pleasure of meeting some of the friendliest and most genuine people you could ever wish to meet. This is why I love the – it highlights the positive aspects of a city that is all too often run down in the national media. The website is great for networking-it’s great to know the people I connect with share my desire to see Limerick and its’ inhabitants do well. Indeed, several clients of mine have expressed their admiration and for my support of it. Richard’s tireless work to enhance the image of Limerick is fantastic. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I am delighted to be associated and wish Richard and his team continued success.
Over the last few year we have engaged with Richard on a number of occasions. Richard has assisted in varying projects from corporate night hosting, entertaining as master of ceremonies for guests at christmas parties as well as engaging with the business through Richard is the ultimate ambassador for all that is great about Limerick. He exudes confidence, vibrancy, professionalism and a certain humour that just delivers for us.I have no hesitation in recommending Richards work. He’s a star.
My time with the crew of in 2010 was an incredible learning experience, I am so grateful to have worked alongside talented photographers who were really kind and patient. I not only learned confidence but also worked with fun, enthusiastic, encouraging people. The crew are proud Limerick people who are extremly passionate about promoting all the city and county has to offer. has grown over the years and they really put Limerick on the map and looking back I would not change anything about my experience. Richard Lynch helped me to grow, find confidence, strength and happiness in myself and I will forever be thankful for being given the amazing opportunity to work for such an outstanding organisation.
Richard Lynch and his crew at I Love Limerick were instrumental in successfully launching my practice into Social Media Marketing. Their sound advice and relentless push for positive outcomes has been extremely beneficial for my practice. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow in the world of Social Media.
Richard is an amazing person, full of positivity and energy. In relation to any communication with Richard and I love Limerick I have had only great experiences and found him a fantastic person to bounce an idea off whatever the subject. He is lost in Limerick as his input and effect is lost in a small city, however I am glad he is here as he is singlehandley changing the face of Limerck. He has worked worth us direct and indirect and all has been fab.
ILoveLimerick’ (Richard Lynch) covered a Graduation Ceremony that was held in Bedford Row Family Project in July 2011 and has since shown a keen interest in our Project. Our Project works with vulnerable families who may have been hurt by media coverage in the past and Richard was always sensitive to our needs in this regard and we trusted that he would convey our important message without it being distorted. I have no hesitation in stating that Richard is a person of great integrity and I have since approached him to do a promotional video on our project
I have known Richard Lynch a good number of years and since he returned from NYC he has managed to do such trojan work for his home city. With the conception of ilovelimerick he has shown that we live in a great city with so much to offer. He has highlighted everything that is positive about limerick. He works tirelessly with a huge workload and I as many others do, appreciate his massive efforts, especially the charity work he does. Personally I am so grateful to him for highlighting breast cancer awareness, which is only one of the many causes he supports. He has helped me with my own fundraising and I know I can always rely on him. He attends events, writes his column, filming, interviewing and manages to cut himself into 10 when needs be to help people. I for one am so lucky to know Richard Lynch, Limerick Person of the Year 2011.
Over the past number of years Richard and the ILoveLimerick team have helped promote many of the charity events that I have been looking after or involved with using video, social media and The Limerick Leader. They go above and beyond to help and the entire team are wonderful to be around. Richard gives all the projects which he is involved 110%. He is extremely well connected, professional and creative. I look forward to working with the team again in the future.
Richard Lynch worked as Editorial Director for Limericknow magazine between 2007 and 2009. During this time and after, when he was working for, Richard produced a series of excellent features for Limericknow Magazine including a feature with Dolores O Riordan from the Cranberries. Richard was responsible for sourcing features and directing the editorial and photography. Richards is honest and hard working and highly creative and his ethusiam contagious. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Many thanks for the great publicity you gave us when Festival Branch of the Samaritans were in Limerick over the weekend of Riverfest 4th-6th May. We had nearly 500 contacts, that weekend many of whom said they had heard about us from the ‘ILoveLimerick’ page in the Chronicle. Festival Branch takes Samaritan volunteers from the 20 Irish Region and were at 11 events around the country from Teenaware in Tullamore, to Matchmakers in Lisdoonvarna. You also publicised the fact that David Exley, a volunteer was traveling around the 201 Samaritan Branches in Ireland and UK, on a motorbike. advertising that Samaritans are available 24/7. his son and brother died by suicide. We appreciate your support and valuable publicity, many thanks for your continuing support, your generosity of your time and valuable space on your ‘ILoveLimerick’ Page
I would like to thank Richard and I Love Limerick crew for always helping me promote various events I have run for charity via the Newspaper Colum in Limerick Chronicle, Facebook and Twitter. Always professional and always promoting!
Starting out as a freelance make up artist can be a scary time for anyone.But Richard played a big role in getting my name out there. We have worked together on so many project over the years but my starting block was being the key makeup artist for him on the sold out show of Dracula when Richard played the title role. Richard’s enthusiastic creative personality is a pleasure to be around and he make’s every project fun and inspirational. His constant belief in my talent has been a great comfort.I had the pleasure of working with Richard on many front covers of Limerick Now magazine but also i was in an article which really helped with my career,the phone was hopping after it came out! Working now with I Love Limerick is a pleasure as Richard understands every aspect of any project he is doing. He has a great way of putting everybody at ease in his presence which is so important to bring out the best in everyone!
Richard, what can I say, a breath of fresh air!, I dealt with Richard on several occasions including his production or MCing of various fashion shows, hosting the launch party for The Design Atelier and corporate events and all were ran with the up most professionalism. He is true to his word, and very supportive and genuine. I look forward to working with Richard again in the near future and highly recommend him.
The work Richard Lynch at ILoveLimerick has done, and continues to do, is invaluable for the promotion of Limerick and its surrounds. Rich’s unstoppable optimism and tireless campaigning for Limerick as a vibrant and warm-hearted city, has enriched and invigorated the entire arts, entertainment and voluntary sector in the city. ILoveLimerick is an invaluable resource for organisations such as the Irish World Academy at the University of Limerick to spread our message and to promote events and educational programmes happening here. Richard’s ‘Limerick Person of the Year’ award in 2011 was richly-deserved and his continued efforts to raise Limerick’s profile nationally and internationally deserves enormous credit. As we become increasingly dependent on on-line press and communication, ILoveLimerick’s simple and effective viral marketing and good-news spreading has become an essential part of any PR activity for those involved in promotion in Limerick city and county. Wishing continued success to Richard and ILoveLimerick, from staff, faculty and students of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick.
We recently asked Richard to provide media coverage for an event. We found the I Love Limerick team to be well organised and efficient on the day while at the same time being friendly and courteous to everyone. The end product was a video of the event with interviews, a wide selection of quality photographs and a write up in the local news paper. I would highly recommend Richard and the team at I Love Limerick to any company or organization who require any kind of media coverage. As an added bonus, Richard is well know locally and therefore can be utilized as an effective marketing tool.
Richard is a true professional who has brought a breath of fresh air to the Limerick Media scene. He works tirelessly to promote his native City & has built a brand that’s synonymous with Limerick in a very short time. He has provided a platform for local charities & others to highlight their cause & what’s more has done all this for free. Incredible, inspiring & humbling in a materialistic world. Richard & I love Limerick are a “one off” & should be cherished & supported.
Richard Lynch has been a supporter and friend to Doras Luimní for several years. In 2011 we approached Richard to become an ambassador of our organisation. He readily agreed, and since then he has used every opportunity to highlight and promote our work. We are happy to work with Richard because we know he shares our values and our vision for a society where equality and respect for the human rights of migrants are social norms, and he uses his position to spread our message. Richard has assisted us in many ways, making the staff and resources of available to us for events and the development of promotional materials. It is reassuring to know that Richard is always at the other end of the phone, offering advice and assistance whenever its needed. He is a great ambassador for Doras Luimní.
I Love Limerick is the definition of what a true community is. The unrelenting support and work they do is an example of how it should be done and all on a voluntary basis. Richard is the heart and soul of the organisation and extends what we call ‘a present of his time’ and brings with it infectious enthusiasm!
Richard Lynch was spokesperson for the launch of the Think Ahead pilot in Limerick city early in September and continues to support and endorse this project as the 3-month pilot progresses. Think Ahead is an initiative of the Forum on the End of Life and focuses on encouraging Irish people to think about whether their wishes would be known to those close to them if a day came when they could not speak for themselves and to record these wishes using the Think Ahead form. Richard has been able to bring the the level of seriousness (as someone who is a full-time carer), vibrancy and enthusiasm we needed to launch this project in Limerick. In addition, he has proactively promoted the initiative through, the Limerick Leader and his Facebook page and has driven a great amount of attention to our Thinktalktell Facebook page.We are delighted at his input, the level of energy and internally driven sense of motivation he has been able to bring to this initiative.
ILoveLimerick has branded Limerick as a positive place. Its’ upbeat messages and interviews have focused on the people of Limerick and reflected the diversity of events in the City. The positive focus and messages shows that good news can sell also. His voluntary mentoring and advice in regards social media has enabled us to profile activities in a different way and engage and network with people who would not otherwise have linked up. We also believe that people are more responsive to messages that are promoted through a range of media and by a range of organisations and ILoveLimerick fufils this role. He helped us formulate our ‘Stop Limerick Dog Litter’ campaign amongst others. The presence of Richard and his team at events has in itself become a positive force – their positive, optimistic attitude and willingness to include everyone and showcase the city has become a social highight in itself.
I Love Limerick has been a wonderful friend to The Hunt Museum. Over the past several years, Richard Lynch and his team have shown great support for many of The Hunt’s public programmes and they have been especially generous with their time and expertise in raising awareness of community programmes like Limerick Corridor Art Programmes Da Horse Outside project.
I Love Limerick and Richard Lynch are two of the best things that Limerick has going for it in these difficult times, since Richard returned to his native city his enthusiasm and energy is infectious.Through his weekly column he has given media profile to numerous good causes and community projects, we as first time entries in this national competition (Tidy Towns ) owe a great deal to Richard week after week we got much needed coverage which kept volunteers informed and buoyed them up on rainy days and kept our profile high. It was only when we gathered all our news cuttings that we realised the gift that Richard is to our city. Last week I witnessed Richard compere a fashion show at the Limerick Race Course for Limericks oncology unit and he never stopped working the croud and making the event fun and interesting. Lastly he has single handedly created a very valuable Limerick brand ‘I Love Limerick’ which has enormous potential and is helping to rebrand our beautiful city.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard Lynch of on many occasions. From photo shoots, to fashion shows to official openings. Richard has a fantastic chameleon like personality that adapts to any situation from working with the elderly,to directing models,to getting down on his knees and chatting with the sick to making top celebrities feel at ease, he gives everyone his undivided attention and makes them feel special and welcome. The effect of being involved with ilovelimerick has opened so many doors for my business. It’s put me in touch with people I would never have had exposure to. Richard is fantastic at seeing business from the outside without an emotional distraction and within days will come back with brilliant money making ideas,all the while keeping customer care at the forefront.It has also given me great exposure with being connected with ilovelimerick Facebook page which is a window to thousands of potential clients. Since getting involved with ilovelimerick my businesses have growth far bigger and faster than I could have hoped.
Many thanks Richard for taking part in our production of the “That’s Limerick” promotional video. Your contribution was much appreciated and very honest. To date, we have had a great response to your contribution and indeed to the overall production which is being shown worldwide.
In 2011 I was launching a Buy Local Campaign in Limerick, when Richard and the guys from I Love Limerick became aware, they kindly volunteered their services & time on the day. I have to say their input elevated the event to a different professional level, both in terms of Richard’s organisational input on the day and the incredible professional video they made of the launch subsequently.
As a fundraiser I am aware of the importance of publicity and promotion for Mid West Simon Community events. I always refer my material to Richard and ILOVELIMERICK and he unfailingly promotes my events. I have also benefitted greatly from Richards expertise in his reviews of our event press releases and event links to Face Book. Finally! Having an ILOVELIMERICK photographer involved assures us of quality photographs – very important to those who support us as volunteers or guests. Thanks Richard and all at ILOVELIMERICK.
I Love Limerick works to promote and portray community organisations in Limerick in a positive light. They help us in a number of ways – promoting our events, creating awareness, providing photography and attending events. We can always rely on Richard and his team to assist us with our work.
We are indebted to Richard Lynch and the crew of I Love Limerick. Richard, who is our official publicist, works voluntarily and has covered all of our events. I Love Limerick’s photos and videos have helped source the funding from the JP McManus Pro Am Fund. As a result, the future of the centre has been secured. I Love Limerick will always be a part of our heart and our history.
Richard and the crew of I Love Limerick came along and changed our lives. Our profile through their coverage of our organization has ensured our funding for a new mini bus. Richard is always there at all our events and is hands on in how he works. The elderly are very fond of him and he works constantly as our official publicist. We’d be lost without him.
We owe Richard a great deal of the journalistic exposure our project ‘EU fit’ has won in the last 2 years it has been running in Limerick. Richard has been a dedicated champion of our cause to encourage job mobility among young German and Irish jobseekers in a united Europe. Thank you!
I first met the I Love Limerick Team back in December 2010, when I contacted them for help with the official opening of our Limerick Animal Welfare Store in Roche’s Street. Not only did they advertise us to thousands of people in Limerick, but they also arrived on the day and both hosted and filmed the entire event for us! It was a truly fantastic experience. The team themselves have since kept in contact with us, invited us to be a part of the ‘This is Limerick’ Event, where we could network with a huge quantity of diverse groups within Limerick, and have continued to advertise and support any event we have run ever since. In fact Richard, Gary, Sean & all of the team at I Love Limerick are some of the most helpful & amazing people I have met, and I’m so happy to know them.
The crew at I Love Limerick has done a fantastic job in helping people change their lives positively. I respect the hard work and commitment to the work you do around Limerick city and county. Richard is a great friend and mentor to many! He is skillful with great diligence, good vibes and positive affirmations. Keep the flag flying high!
I’ve worked with the I Love Limerick in the past and hope to again in the future. The team is very professional, great to work with and the energy is ever flowing throughout the day. End results are amazing.” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Siobhan Nolan, Special Olympics”] “I Love Limerick was a fantastic support system for the Special Olympics National Collection Day in 2011. Richard Lynch was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond what he was asked to do. The I Love Limerick team recorded video footage of the day and also captured some extraordinary photo images. It was an invaluable resource into ensuring the success of the day and the future of this fundraising initiative in the Limerick area.
I Love Limerick promotes all that is good about our city, the weekly column written by Richard Lynch gives an account of some of the less prominent work that goes on behind the scenes in Limerick – charitable and community organisations such as Rape Crisis Midwest can rely on I Love Limerick to help highlight awareness raising and fundraising ventures. In addition, Richard will work with us in the background providing links and contacts that we need to further our work. Well done Richard.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the support you have shown for CARI by supporting a number of our events and through your page in the Limerick Leader newspaper, aptly named I Love Limerick. You have a genuinely love for Limerick but most especially for the charities in the region. If it was you that thought of running that page I applaud you as I think a lot of people working in the voluntary sector would for highlighting the work that we do. It can be hard to get media coverage of our events but when you are there plugging the events I, as I an sure other charities really appreciate it. Richard, keep up the good work and behalf of the children and families sincere thanks for your support.
I have found Richard Lynch and I Love Limerick to be a fantastic asset to the City. Richard worked with Environment Section as a judge on our Community Challenge in 2011 and we found him to be an extremely positive person in regard to the City’s environment. A lot of the issues in the City require behavioural change and I believe that the influence that Richard and I Love Limerick can bring to bear on all of us will greatly help that behavioural change. I look forward to working with Richard in 2012 in developing other initiatives for the betterment of the City.
I Love Limerick is always our first stop when we are looking to promote our company and upcoming events. Fronted by Richard Lynch they do amazing work to highlight all the good things that are going on in Limerick city. They are so supportive to all local businesses and especially as a new and small company we have found their help to be invaluable to us. Richard brings great energy and enthusiasm to all he does and it’s always a pleasure to be able to work with him and his team in any way.” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Dr. James Ring, Limerick Civic Trust”] “In the past 12 months I have worked with Richard and his team at I love Limerick numerous times. I have nothing but good words for them all. They are dedicated and hard working and are clearly doing what they do for the benefit of Limerick and its people, and Limerick and its people only, not for financial gain. In this day and age such a work ethic is rare and very much applauded and welcomed. The work they have carried out with the Civic Trust has been to the highest of standards, and any issues or problems are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend working with Richard Lynch and his team to anyone.
Southill Area Centre has engaged with the I love Limerick team on a number of occasions over the past twelve months and each time we have found the group fantastic to work with. The interest and genuine enthusiasm for promoting Limerick, in all its forms, has been a benefit to groups such as ourselves. As a community service, we previously didn’t have regular access to the expertise that the I Love Limerick crew have been able to share with us. From photographers, camera crews to presentation, there is a real desire to showcase the many great talents and the unsung heroes of this city. Recently, in producing the documentary video on the Historic Civic Reception hosted by Limerick City Council to honour Southill Family Resource Centre in Southill Area Centre, the I Love Limerick crew captured the positive energy, great excitement and buzz of this important event. We all look forward to continuing to work with Richard and the team into the future and making. They love Limerick like we do.
Shoulder to Shoulder: Integration through the Arts Project – The support we received from I Love Limerick was exceptional. Our project, “Shoulder to Shoulder” works with young people to overcome the barriers to intercultural integration, together we aim to create a more inclusive Limerick. The professional marketing and media skills that I Love Limerick offered us in order to promote Shoulder to Shoulder were tremendous; their expertise, website, Facebook and photographers were all made easily accessible. I Love Limerick gave us a media platform that a community project like ours just doesn’t have the resources to implement on our own. But surpassing this was the attitude shown by Richard and his team – rather than struggling for attention we were received with enthusiastic support. In this time of economic hardship it is sometimes easy to forget that you don’t have to be a native of Limerick to love Limerick, to us I Love Limerick truly reflects the team spirit that our county is renowned for.
Richard is a long-time friend and collaborator of Doras Luimní and was appointed as our Ambassador in 2011. He is a passionate advocate for our organisation because he believes in the work we do and shares our commitment to human rights. Richard has often given generously of his time and resources to support our events and campaigns over the last few years and we are very proud of our association with him. Last year Richard was awarded a Metro Eireann Media and Multicultural (MAMA) Award in recognition of his work to promote integration and diversity through online media. The MAMAs celebrate the work of those who promote cross-cultural understanding and co-operation in Ireland. We were delighted to see this work recognised – is as badly needed as ever in these difficult times. The idea of MAMA is to highlight the positive role the media can play in leading and facilitating integration. Through his work Richard puts integration in the limelight while promoting grassroots efforts to enhance community life in Limerick for everyone who lives here to highlight the positive role the media can play in leading and facilitating integration initiatives.
So glad so have opportunity to say thank you for your wonderful contribution I Love Limerick has made to Limerick City. From my own experience as Chairperson of Roches Street Traders, they have always been supportive in any event which we organised to gain awareness for our annual Art Exhibition for Milford and Pieta House. Without their help it would have been difficult to get exposure for such fundraising. At these press events I found Richard Lynch to be so pleasant, professional, energetic, and such fun that it was difficult to grasp that he was working (getting the information and photographs) for I Love Limerick and The Chronicle. A big thank from a city trader for the voice they have given me through their web site and column.
I’ve worked with Richard in my role as Manager of Learning Hub Limerick. Richard has advised us in developing a PR strategic plan in a voluntary capacity over a number of years and has provided invaluable training to not only myself but the Hub team including some of our many volunteers. Richard has a loving yet no nonsense approach when advising his clients. He provides very practical PR and communications advice while at the same time energising and inspiring staff and volunteers to promote the great stories we have to tell about the quality work going on in our organisations. Richard truly values the work of the community and voluntary sector and is a wonderful advocate for the best of it in Limerick City. He sees the unique and worthy aspects of our work. Often as staff of community and voluntary organisations we are too close to the day to day and fail to capitalise on the great stories emerging from the outcomes of our work. Richard offers an objective and useful response to this and encourages us to tell our story bigger and better! Richard’s team at I Love Limerick also gave us countless hours or filming and PR advise over the last year in particular which resulted in a really focused and well produced promo about .This has received more hits and feedback than any other PR effort we have made. We feature the 12 minute clip prominently on our web site and we are very proud to show it to people to explain exactly what we do. Richard is a committed, honest and professional advisor. If you or your organisation wants to become CLEAR about communicating what you do best Richard will help you to do this.
Richard Lynch is absolutely wonderful. He is a very positive individual who is so passionate about his beloved City of Limerick. I cannot thank him enough for all the positive media presentations he has put together on Limerick. He works so tirelesly to help others and a lot of charitable groups. He deserves all the praise he gets.
I am the press and publicity officer for the Limerick Co-Ordination Office, a non-profit organisation which promotes positive Limerick news. The only way to combat the bad press is to promote the positives of our city and I can’t stress highly enough what a difference the team is making to Limerick.
As a project with professional film-makers, dedicated to promoting community and creative projects through well produced packages disseminated on the Internet, I Love Limerick is nothing short of a Godsend to those of us striving to enhance our communities and counter often negative images of our city.
The online television channel I Love is an imaginative addition to the media landscape in the city. Limerick suffers an unfair negative national media image. However in reality Limerick is an energetic progressive cultural hub. This community based initiative deserves to be supported now as it reflects real potential to contribute to the social and cultural development of the city at an important moment.” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Alan English, Editor Limerick Leader”] “Richard Lynch has incredible and infectious enthusiasm for whatever he does and a determination to do it very well, always. He is passionate about his home city of Limerick and has made a terrific contribution to showing off everything that’s good about it.
Richards boundless energy and creativity is only matched by his great enthusiasm and ability to make everyone feel involved. I highly recommend Richard to work with. Never once have I felt out of place or uncomfortable in his company. Adaptable to a wide range of situations, he truly is a Jack of all trades and a master of all of them.
Richard has an considerable creative energy. He can bring a project from conception to completion while inspiring his team with his vision. An excellent communicator, Richard was a asset to the marketing of the project we worked on.
I met Richard through his work with His endless work in promoting Limerick as a destination and a city resulted in his recent nomination for “Limerick Person of the Year”. He is a totally committed and enthusiastic individual and without doubt a huge asset to any organisation or business.
Richard has always been a pleasure to work with. His work is invariably submitted on time and to a very high quality. He is a great ambassador for Limerick.
Richard, is a very energetic & profesional guy to work alongside. If you get the chance to work with him grab it with both hands.
Richard is a vibrant and dynamic individual who is a joy to work with. The support he has given me with promotion of both my band, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, and comedy improv troupe, Choke Comedy, has been so encouraging and effective. I always find him helpful and enthusiastic.
Richard is passionate about what he does and is innovative in the approaches to marketing he offers as a creative consultant to businesses like my own. I find working with Richard an energizing, creative and inspiring experience. He is a savvy networker and passes on these skills to the clients he works with, whilst having a strong social conscience and drive to help people from all walks of life. His interpersonal skills are second to none and he will energize any group who works with him. He will work hard for any business or group and is quick to recognise opportunities that companies may overlook to furthe expand their profile. Richard’s work with is creative and reflects the type of person he is. He is an innovator and engrains his unending passion for his work into every finished edited piece. It was hard to pick just three traits from the list above as I could attribute all of these to Rich. From a business perspective however, I rate results, expertise and creativity as the most important when finances are the key performance indicator and Richard will deliver for any business.
Richard is an unbelievable worker. Who knows what he wants and how to get it. He strives for perfection in all his productions and I have found to be an unreal experience to work with him. I learnt a lot with Richard while I worked with him and will probably learn a lot more. He would be an asset to any group lucky enough to be involved with him.
Richard is always professional and committed to promoting all limerick events in the best possible light.” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Ciarda Tobin, Coordinator/ Programmer, Fresh Film Festival”] “Richard is energetic, kind, enthusiastic and positive. He brings a great sense of pride to his work. His ‘anything is possible’ philosophy infuses all his projects and he is an inspiring man.
“We have Used Richard on numerous occasions for Corporate and Public Events and he has never left us down. His Energy, Positivity and general attitude is second to none. Amazingly strong personality and under utilised for his skills and entertainment expertise.
Rich is a creative mind and a people person. He is dynamic, warm, intelligent and an incredible asset to any project he works on. One of the best you will find to get things done, he makes it happen.
In 2010 we organised a charity fundraiser at our school to which we were anxious to invite all who have had a connection with the school over the years. Having noted the I Love Limerick articles in the Limerick Leader and also the I Love Limerick social media pages I contacted Richard to see if he could help with some publicity. To say that he was helpful would be an understatement. He came straight back to me with feedback and encouragement. As he promised details appeared on the I Love Limerick pages in the Limerick Leader and on facebook and twitter. He also extended an offer to forward any other news to him, one which I have taken up on several occasions. Richard constantly looks for positives and is clearly enthusiastic about supporting and promoting those in Limerick who are working for good. For example I recently sent him a picture of our first year students on a litter clean up in the local neighbourhood. As well as publishing and posting the photo, Richard also included his own personal comment of encouragement to the students. This was wonderful gesture and typifies the warmth and genuine nature of his work and all those who support I Love Limerick. I am very appreciative of the fantastic work that Richard and the I Love Limerick crew do.
In 2010 the JP McManus Invitational Pro Am took place in Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort. The aim of the Pro Am is to support mid-western charities and groups in their work with the underprivileged and disadvantaged and all proceeds are donated in their entirely towards the development of these services. Leading Professional international golfers, sporting and movie celebrities played in the 2010 Pro Am and over 40,000 spectators attended the two day event. Ilovelimerick gave the Pro-Am phenomenal coverage, securing interviews with the sponsor JP McManus, along with top movie celebrities and golfers at the event. Richard and his team were based in the media centre which DMC Communications managed on behalf of the Pro Am committee. At all times IloveLimerick were a pleasure to work with and through their website managed to give the people of Limerick a flavour of this unique event. The months following the Pro Am, when a number of charities were receiving their donations and making vital improvements to their organisations with the funding, Richard and his team showed incredible initiative in filming the charities, interviewing both staff and beneficiaries of the funding and giving them the publicity they deserved on their website. Richard and his team also did an extremely professional job on filming our recent lapel pin launch, an initiative to help build the profile of Limerick and was part of the Going for Gold campaign. We were delighted with the final video and as always, Richard was a pleasure to deal with. We will always be grateful to Richard and Ilovelimerick for promoting Limerick and the Pro Am, the beneficiary charities and other key events that take place in the county in such a positive light and wish them the very best for the future.
Richard Lynch is a kind, considerate and charitable person. He gives selflessly of his time and endless energy to help the less fortunate in society. Over the past fourteen months he has been invaluable to me in promoting fundraising events for the Mid-Western Cancer Foundation in the University Hospital, Limerick. He gave extensive publicity to the Bridges of Limerick Walk that proved very successful and most enjoyable for everyone who participated in it and in the process raised almost €2,000.00 for the Cancer Foundation. More recently he was to the vanguard in giving my book An Imperfect Storm extensive coverage before, during and after the launch. Thanks to Richard’s publicity the book was a sell-out on launch night with 157 copies sold and all the author royalties going to the Mid-Western Cancer Foundation also. Richard was master of ceremonies at the launch and his infectious energy, enthusiasm and affable disposition that ingratiated him to all in attendance was considered a major catalyst in making the event a most enjoyable social event. I consider Richard a true gentleman who spares nothing of himself to promote all that is good about Limerick and people through his I Love Limerick column in the Limerick Chronicle every week. The column is uplifting and compulsive reading that uplifts the spirit of the reader and causes hope to spring eternal through its focus on all that is good in people. Richard has managed through his column to inspire people to rise above the trials and tribulations of everyday life and work together for a better tomorrow for all of us in our communities, in Limerick and further afield. He is an inspiration as to what a positive attitude can do to inspire all of us to work together to make life’s journey more memorable and fulfilling by accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative.
I am very appreciative of the time and expertise that Richard Lynch and the I Love Limerick team have provided to the Access Service in LIT. Richard was our keynote speaker at the GIVE Commendation Ceremony in May 2013. Richard’s passion for volunteerism and community engagement shone through in both his speech and his interaction with all our students on the day. Thank you for all your assistance to date and I look forward to future collaborations.
Cliona’s Foundation was set up following the death of our daughter, Cliona, from a brain tumour. We hadn’t thought of the Foundation until later when the local communities of Lough Gur, Bruff and Knockainey donated money and supported the making of a CD with music, songs and poetry dedicated to Cliona. That’s how and where it began, in 2007 after 8 years of hospital visits, Doctors and Consultants meetings and endless trips to and overnight stays in hospitals in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Since the Foundation started, it’s raised over €320,000 and helped over 110 families who like ourselves were inundated with non medical expenses from accommodation, parking, food and essentials while in hospital and not even counting taking time off work to be with our child. The Foundation supports families with critically ill children with non-medical expenses and until your family is in this situation, you have no idea of the bills presented. The Foundation was first profiled in the media by Richard Lynch of ‘’, an actor, presenter and socialite from Limerick ( who along with Sami Long, Miss United Nations Europe at the time of filming, produced a short documentary on the Foundation. Richard and Sami hightailed it out to rural Lough Gur, 20km from Limerick city where they spent time talking to Brendan and I about Cliona. They spoke to Cliona’s teacher, Carmel in Lough Gur National School and visited Cliona’s grave. Richard and Sami captured the sense of loss we still feel after Cliona’s passing. It was this documentary which made its way onto YouTube that came to the attention of RTE’s Secret Millionaire producers. Limerick was spotlighted for a while last year by the arrival and presence of the Secret Millionaire, Richard Mulcahy (so many Richards!!) but it’s Richard Lynch and crew that we are deeply indebted to, for without his interest in the Foundation in the summer of 2011, it is unlikely we would be where we are today in terms of recognition and awareness. We have a long way to go, but we are on the path to becoming as well known a charity as Jack and Jill or Barnardos. Having spent a week in Limerick filming at the beginning of the summer 2012, Richard Mulcahy Secret Millionaire, returned to Limerick for the Cliona’s Foundation annual social night in Bulgaden held on January 12th , where he was interviewed along with the other organisations spotlighted in the SM programme. The other organisations also profiled on the RTE Documentary have benefitted enormously and they were interviewed by Richard Lynch on the benefit night. Richard Lynch was just brilliant and donned in red trousers, made the night truly memorable for Brendan and I. Thank you Richard and!! You do Limerick proud!!