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About I Love Limerick


Established in 2008 by founder Richard Lynch, I Love Limerick is a creative project driven by, motivated and inspired the citizens of Limerick city and county. Through a series of exciting and well-produced documentaries, lifestyle programming, interviews and photography, the I Love Limerick project aims to encourage a wider respect and pride for the city by focusing on the wealth of interesting, talented and motivated people who live, work and create here by highlighting everything positive about Limerick. I Love Limerick showcases the efforts and achievements of Limerick based organisations in the community, including the voluntary, artistic, cultural and micro-enterprise sectors, offering artists, new enterprise, established businesses, organisations and charities the chance to market themselves utilising state of the art video programming and social networking platforms.

We also provide provisional training opportunities for both clients and people who want to pursue a career in entertainment, media or marketing. I Love Limerick facilitates and orchestrates events for the voluntary and community sector to create opportunities for collaboration between communities. We enhance Limerick tourism, culture and business, enticing people both domestically and abroad to experience the positive aspects of Limerick. We are operated and designed to showcase a new Limerick, that is vibrant and entertaining and we thereby contribute towards the advancement of its social regeneration. I Love Limerick shows the positive side of Limerick to the world.


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Richard Lynch, Founder and Managing Director of

I Love Limerick Objective

Overall our goal is to educate, inform, train and facilitate the development of arts, enterprise and culture in Limerick city. We team people up and teach them how to utilise each other’s skills. Individuals, organisations, enterprises, community groups can come together to create cross-functional networks, in order to deliver powerful marketing economies of scale. Within our own team we have created intern, work experience and job opportunities for a diverse group of professionals throughout Limerick, aiding them to develop their craft and cultivate relationships with other professionals and organisations. We harness the network of talent around us to create jobs and income for artists and businesses giving them opportunities and much needed support. We are always on the lookout for emerging talent.