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10 Questions with Limerick social influencer Chloe Walsh

Chloe Walsh pictured above is a 23 year old Limerick social media influencer

10 Questions with Limerick social influencer Chloe Walsh

Chloe Walsh

Chloe (far right) volunteering with Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention

Limerick social influencer Chloe Walsh (23) is one to watch. Blessed with beauty and brains, Chloe has been studying for her Master’s in Business at the University of Limerick after getting her degree at Mary Immaculate College. 



Chloe loves to help her followers with any questions they may have about anything from beauty, hair, food, places to go or even more personal issues. This year Chloe signed with the Andrea Roche Agency as an influencer and has been very lucky to have been offered the opportunity to work with many brands over the years from Dripping Gold, Oh Polly, Nasty Gal, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Hayu, Vavavoom, Freddy’s jeans and more. 

This Limerick lady has a pure heart of gold and volunteers with Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention, an organisation that patrols local bridges during high-risk times for suicide. Chloe Walsh

On a personal level, Chloe has a very close relationship with her nana who she calls, “my whole world” and counts her dog fluffy as her best friend. Chloe is in a long term relationship with her partner Andrew La Touche Cosgrave. She loves to be there for her family, friends and Andrew 100% and says, “If they ever need me or they’re going through anything I will be there. Any problem of theirs is a problem of mine, any enemy of theirs is an enemy of mine. I have their back always.”

This lady is on top of her social media game, sharing a number of envy-inducing pictures on her delectable Instagram and is most definitely one to watch! Chloe Walsh


  1.     Tell us about your childhood Chloe Walsh

I was very lucky to have had two parents who gave me the best childhood any young girl could ask for. Anything I needed regarding education, from books to fees to lifts to school/college my parents were there to help and I am eternally grateful to them for opening up those opportunities to me. 

We are a family who kill each other but have each other’s backs always, never ending love for one another. My parents and of course my grandparents – who are my whole world – gave me every piece of advice and guidance I needed growing up that shaped me into the person I am today. And I will never be able to thank them enough for all they have done for me.  Chloe Walsh

  1.    What inspired you to start being a social influencer and what do you enjoy most about it?


Chloe Walsh

This lady is on top of her social media game, sharing a number of envy-inducing pictures on her delectable Instagram

There was never a starting point for me as an influencer/content creator it sort of just happened. I always loved posting outfit pics of what I was wearing day to day or on nights out, sharing pictures of my make up, really just anything and everything about my life and from there my following just grew and grew over the years.


My favourite part and what I will forever be thankful and grateful for is to all of the businesses who have worked with me and of course to my followers who have stuck with me, taken this journey with me and most importantly, the support and love they show me on all of my content as they are the ones who have helped me to get these opportunities I have been given from social media with ambassadorships, collaborations etc.

  1.     How did you first get into fashion and modelling and where does your sense of style come from?

My mom always had an amazing sense of style so I know I definitely learned a lot from her. I always value her opinion on my outfits. I also hung around with my aunt Triona a lot when I was younger watching her getting ready for her nights out and day trips with her friends so definitely watched her as I grew up.

I also follow a lot of fashion icons on social media and I learn a lot from them regarding style and fashion. But I definitely love to add my own personality to my fashion choices as I wouldn’t feel me without adding a bit of me to my outfits. 

  1.     What advice would you give to someone hoping to pursue a career in fashion/modelling?

In any career, whether it’s a fashion, a sport, a medicine or a business career goal that you have, if you work hard and never lose sight of the end line you can achieve anything! The only person that can make your dreams and goals come through is you!

So go for it!!! And to never listen to others opinions.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice” 

Always do what you love, what you are most passionate about.

  1.     Who are your top 3 style icons at the moment and what are your favourite fashion trends right now?

Top 3 Style Icons at the moment:

Tara Maynard (@taramays25)

Molly Mae (@mollymaehague)

Sophie Murray(@sophie_murraayy)

My Favourite Trends:

Over the knee doc style Boots 

Oversized Blazers

Cute Co-Ord Tracksuits

  1.     What advice would you give to someone struggling with their body image? What can they do to boost their confidence or become more comfortable in their own skin?

Firstly you must stop comparing yourself and your body image to somebody else’s, we all have parts of our body we dislike and that we feel self conscious about so remember that no one is perfect we are all perfectly flawed and that’s what makes us beautiful, real and unique.

Also remember that social media is NOT REAL, it is angles and filters and editing apps, NO ONE IS PERFECT and no one’s life is perfect. Think about it, do you post a picture of yourself at your worst? No. We do not post pictures of ourselves at our worst we post pictures of ourselves at our best so all the positives you see on social media wondering why you can’t look like this? or why you can’t have this person’s life? Don’t forget that they are going through their own problems and negatives behind the social media screens. Focus on what you love about yourself and learn to love yourself, all of yourself.

Chloe Walsh

Chloe graduating from Mary I (3rd on right)

  1.     Who or what inspires and moves you?

My goals and aspirations are what drives me forward. 

The people I surround myself with are who motivates me, my parents, my grandparents, my partner Andrew, my friends all of these people who succeed every day I strive to be similar to them and achieve the same success 

  1.     You just did a Master’s in Business, what is the next big step for you?

The Masters was the best thing I ever did. I opened myself up to the world of business and marketing and I absolutely loved it! Hmmm the big question haha, what is the next big step for Chloe?, well you’ll have to wait and see what Chloe will bring to the table. But without a doubt, mark my words, I will be working hard over the next few years to make my goals a reality.

  1.     Tell us about your love Andrew

    Chloe Walsh

    Chloe pictured with her love Andrew

Well, what can you say about Andrew? He is the Bane of my life but He is also my rock and supporter. As I always say we kill each other but we would kill for each other too. We have each other’s backs and he is there for me at my best and at my lowest. He has a kind heart and he is always there for his friends and family. He is an amazing hurler and works hard day in and day out. Big things to come from him and I will be there to support him in any path he takes.

  1. What’s your favourite thing about Limerick?

I love how we are not just a city, we are a close knit community and you will not pass someone in limerick without saying hello. 

We have a community of people who care for each other, all the volunteering and work our people of Limerick do in this city to keep everyone safe is amazing.

Like for example, I was given the opportunity to join and volunteer with an AMAZING TEAM ‘Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention’ they are a group of amazing people from all walks of life who have come together to patrol the streets, bridges and banks of the River Shannon to ensure everyone is safe. And I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of such a fearless, dedicated, loving team!

Follow Chloe on instagram at @chloewalshxo


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