Leaving and Junior Cert Exam Study Guidelines from the Limerick Youth Service

Exam Study Guidelines

The Limerick Youth Service have provided a short and handy Exam Study Guidelines article for anyone facing into exams this June. 

Leaving and Junior Cert Exam Study Guidelines from the Limerick Youth Service

by ilovelimerick correspondent Chloe O’Keeffe

Exam Study Guidelines and tips have been made available recently, by the Limerick Youth Service, located on Glenworth Street, Limerick.

Limerick Youth Service was founded in 1973, under the joint patronage of the Bishops of Limerick. Over the years, this voluntary organization has grown into the country’s largest local Youth Service, offering a range of personal and social development and recreational opportunities to young people through Limerick City and County.

As thousands of students prepare to sit their Junior, Leaving and Leaving Cert Applied exams this June, Limerick Youth Service has a few tips that may ease the pre-exam stress and nerves with an article about Exam Study Guidelines


Study Time

  1. Firstly, set a study plan.  Everyone is different so what works for your friends may not necessarily work for you.  Be realistic about what you can get through and do not compare yourself to others.
  2. In terms of study, arrange your study space to ensure it is comfortable and suits you.   For the easily distracted out there-turn off the TV and radio and stay away from your smartphones!
  3. Unfortunately, stress is a part of exam time and the important thing is not to allow it to overwhelm you.  Remember the power of positive thinking and avoid negative thoughts such as ‘I’ve no chance’ or ‘I’m going to fail.’  You have successfully sat exams before and passed them-how do you think you got this far!
  4. Try and avoid cramming, take regular breaks, keep hydrated and even go for a walk, run or cycle-the fresh air will help clear your mind.


On Exam Day

  1. Remember to check your timetable and arrive in plenty of time at your exam hall, which in most cases will be your school.  If for some reason you are late or miss an exam, please contact your school immediately.
  2. When you are doing your exam remember to read the questions carefully, use a rough work page and use your allotted time. 
  3. Please do not leave the exam hall early just because your friend has.
  4. After the exam, please try to avoid the post-mortem with your friends.   Take a break, get something to eat and then prepare for your next exam.

Throughout the exam period, LYS’ youth spaces will be open to allow young people the opportunity to chill out and relax after their exams.


Need to Talk

If you are finding the exams tough and would like to speak to someone please talk to a youth worker, teacher, parent or trusted friend.

You can also speak to Childline at Freephone 1800 666 666, while the youth information website, www.spunout.ie provides online support and guidance. 

Alternatively, you can contact LYS’ Youth Information team at [email protected] or call 061-412444.

A member of Youth Work Ireland, Limerick Youth Service remains committed to connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential


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