New Course has Croom locals now Fit for Work and Life

Fit for Work and Life

Denis Sheerin, Declan Sheerin, Susan O Mahony, Joanne Vance from the Irish Cancer Society, Niamh Humphries, Dennis Daly, Mario Feliciello, Kevin Mark Basnet from the Limerick Sports Partnership and Croom Civic Centre celebrate the new course making Croom locals Fit for Work and Life. Picture: Keith Wiseman.

New Course has Croom locals now Fit for Work and Life

Seven people from Croom in County Limerick are ready to tackle life in the workplace after successfully completing a new course in Community Coaching which has made them Fit for Work and Life.

Certificates were presented at a special ceremony in Croom Civic Centre and were awarded for Boxing, FAI, Athletics, Coaching Children, and Active Leadership.

The course is given by Limerick Sports Partnership.

A key component of the course was the Fit for Work and Life 8 modules, which was delivered in partnership with Irish Cancer Society and Paul Partnership.

Fit for Work and Life is a community-based health and wellbeing programme developed by the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) in response to the high level of unemployment that was a feature of Irish society post-recession.

The programme offers unemployed people and people with low incomes (particularly young people aged 18-36), a high-quality health and wellbeing programme to sustain them for work and family life and to empower and motivate them to take control over their health.

The purpose of the Programme is to build participants’ understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing for their family and their working lives.  It creates a better understanding of how the determinants of health interrelate with lifestyle and the prospect of work.

It supports participants to navigate their way through the much confusing and often conflicting public messages about health; and to discuss in a comfortable learning environment, what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Phelim Macken, Coordinator of Limerick Sports Partnership said: “The course provides the participants with an excellent holistic approach to a healthy mind and a healthy body.  This puts them in a stronger position to become active and engaged in the workplace, and they can use the skills they have learned in everyday life.”

“Limerick Sports Partnerships is delighted to collaborate with the Irish Cancer Society and PAUL Partnership in delivering this programme, which can only be a benefit to the participants and the wider community.”

Joanne Vance, Community Programmes Manager with the Irish Cancer Society said: “My congratulations to the new Croom Community Coaches.  Everyone has shown commitment to the health and well-being of their community and should feel very proud of their achievements.”

“They have increased their awareness of how physical activity, not smoking, eating healthily, limiting alcohol and staying safe in the sun, can reduce the risk of 4 out of 10 cancers in Ireland.”

“With the support of Limerick Sports Partnership they can pass on their skills and knowledge to other people in their community, to encourage them to lead active and healthier lives.”

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