Jean Ryan Hakizimana exhibition Shades Of launched this Friday

Jean Ryan Hakizimana exhibition Shades Of

Jean Ryan Hakizimana exhibition Shades Of  launched this Friday

By ilovelimerick correspondent Frances Watkins

The new Jean Ryan Hakizimana exhibition Shades Of will be launched this Friday at the Dooradoyle Library at 6:30 pm. The Jean Ryan Hakizimana exhibition Shades Of will be running until the end od December. There is also the chance to win a painting by Jean Ryan Hakizimana at the launch.

Jean’s passion for painting and desire to run his own art studio and gallery space lead him to take up residence here in Limerick.

Jean Ryan has been living in Limerick for the past 13 years, originally it was to just meet a friend who lived here. When locals found out that he was an artist and the amazing talent he has, they grew an interest in his work and so he remained in Limerick. Jean strongly believes in giving back to the community that has given him so much happiness. 

On top of being an artist, Jean also offers the people of Limerick art classes at €25 per session. If you’d like to attend, you need to bring your own canvas, brushes and paints. Ten classes are recommended for beginners and when you book ten classes you get them for €200 euro.

When thinking of something to paint, Jean Ryan told I love Limerick that everything inspires him, “I’m inspired most by nature and people’s ideas. I like showing people my art because I like having a second opinion on it; that way they can interpret it and see it in their own way. It might inspire me to paint what they see. The more opinions you draw in, the better you can become as an artist in my opinion.”

A good number of his paintings have sold nationally and worldwide, from exhibitions both in his studio and across the country. National and international media have also featured his work and many of his paintings have even been used as book covers by eminent authors.d
Jean regularly gives morning and evening classes, all year round for all skill levels, even facilitating students from neighbouring colleges and universities.

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