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Limerick Chamber manifesto Limerick Chamber manifesto


Limerick Chamber Manifesto outlines Midwest Business Priorities for General Election 2020

Limerick Chamber Launches Election Manifesto regarding Mid West Business Priorities – from left to right: Dee Ryan – CEO Limerick Chamber, Catriona Cahill – Chief Economist Limerick Chamber.

Limerick Chamber Manifesto outlines Midwest Business Priorities for General Election 2020

Fastrack the Limerick Northern Distributor Road (LNDR), develop a reliable bus and cycle network, put more gardai into community policing and establish a Minister for City Regions to ensure balanced regional development is achieved – key asks of Limerick Chamber in its ‘Mid-West Business Priorities for General Election 2020’ Limerick Chamber manifesto. 

Chamber CEO, Dee Ryan said that “in addition to the nationwide challenges of increased insurance rates and cross-industry skills shortages, Limerick and Mid-West businesses are battling some unique challenges that the Chamber wants to draw both Election candidates’ and voters’ attention to ahead of the General Election on February 8th.”


Continuing, she said: “Top of our list is the fast-tracking of the Northern Distributor Road which is necessary to alleviate the 40-50-minute delays for workers and students leaving the Technological Park in Plassey.”

Chamber Chief Economist, Dr Catriona Cahill said “In tandem with the LNDR, Limerick needs a modern, regular, rapid bus system connecting all of our county towns and suburbs with our centres of work and learning. A reliable public transport network is of critical importance.  In addition, a dedicated cycle network must also be delivered to encourage safe, sustainable and healthy modes of transport.

“We would ask our members and the public to tell their candidate that they want regular, rapid bus connections.  We need safe, segregated cycle lanes. And we want the Northern Distributor Road fast-tracked for government funding.”

Objecting to extensions at Castletroy Shopping Centre and the Crescent Shopping Centre in recent times, Limerick Chamber is a vocal advocate of city centre revitalization. “Businesses across the whole Mid-West will benefit from a thriving urban experience at its heart. A strong city will help attract companies and talent to locate/stay here.  That is why Limerick City Centre revitalization is a key focus for us in the Chamber,” said Dee Ryan. 

“A sense of security and safety is also crucial to ensuring that people want to return to Limerick to live and work. Currently, our Community Policing numbers across Limerick have been reduced by Gardai being deployed to security duties in the Mulgrave Street Court House and the recruitment drive by the Garda Traffic Core, which is attracting regular gardai applications. This should be an issue for candidates and voters. We need to protect the gains we have made against criminality in Limerick by increasing our community policing numbers immediately.  We need people to ask candidates how many additional Gardai for community policing will they bring to Limerick?”

In conjunction with Chamber counterparts in Galway and Cork, the Limerick Chamber Manifesto is calling on the incoming Government to appoint a Minister for City Regions.

According to the Chamber, a Minister for City Regions would drive a progressive urban agenda and ensure that a focus is brought to developing an effective counterbalance to Dublin.

“Urban place-making, the delivery of a suitable mix of housing and urgent climate action are essential for our next Government. Now is the time to bring a focus to these issues,” said Dr Cahill. 

“Limerick is no different to the rest of the country, with regional economic growth being linked to our attractiveness to FDI.  We must ensure that Ireland remains a competitive place for business by supporting the regional cities of Cork, Galway, Waterford and Limerick to achieve the targets for population growth set by Project Ireland 2040,” she added.

“If the regional cities do not deliver, our competitive edge will irrevocably be damaged. That’s why Limerick Chamber believes a dedicated Minister for City Regions is essential” said Dee Ryan. “Again, we would ask the electorate to tell their candidates that they want a Minister for City Regions to help make Limerick strong.”

The full rundown of Mid-West Business Priorities for General Election 2020 document can be found at together with a more in-depth Election Manifesto which has been circulated to General Election Candidates.

Limerick Chamber is the largest Business Representative organization in the Mid-West with over 450 member organisations supporting more than 50,000 jobs.  The Chamber is uniquely focused on solutions for local issues facing businesses including connectivity via an international airport, local road infrastructure, local public transport and community policing. With an in-house Chief Economist, Limerick Chamber develops independent policy and is a watchdog for threats to the Regional economy.

For further information contact Mary McNamee Marketing Manager on [email protected] or Dr Catriona Cahill, Chief Economist on [email protected].

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