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limerick on street furniture limerick on street furniture


UPDATE: Limerick City and County Council to waive fees to businesses for on-street furniture as part of Covid-19 support initiatives

Limerick on street furniture in an attempt to enliven the city streets as people drink and dine alfresco over the next couple of months.

UPDATE: Construction of ‘Parklets’ underway to aid in al fresco style dining in Limerick City

Preparations have began in organising two new facilities in Limerick City which will allow for al fresco style outdoor dining this summer, in light of Covid-19 social distancing regulations. 

The road side between 116 and 119 O’Connell Street will see outdoor tables and chairs erected, serving the Texas Steakout, Abrakebabra and Centra. Canteen on Catherine Street will also host outdoor dining facilities, and it is expected that more destinations will follow over the coming weeks.





Preparations for the ‘parklet’ site began this week, with expectations for it to be ready for action within the next ten days. The parklets will have a metal enlosure to separate seating from traffic on the street. 

Daniel Butler, Fine Gael Councillor, set in motion the plans for these parklets, and is excited to see them in use.

“This is a measure I worked with Limerick Council to be included in the Covid-19 mobility plan as it is an effective and targeted way of increasing public realm space while supporting local business. The council have decided to use a build out type approach with a concrete base level with the existing pathway. It will have a metal enclosure with planters and seating on it. The idea is to allow for al fresco dining where Covid-19 has a reduced risk of transmission increasing capacity for business which have reduced indoor capacity,” Cllr Daniel Butler said.

Encouraging people to visit the city centre and support local traders, he said, “Our city centre is full of locally owned business that really needs our support right now. So get out and get in to Limerick.”

With the hope of aiding businesses as they reopen, the development will also uplift the streets of Limerick as visitors wine and dine al fresco over the coming of months.

It is necessary for businesses to apply for council consent before placing tables and chairs outside their premises in a public place.

Limerick on street furniture

Limerick City and County Council to waive fees to businesses for on-street furniture as part of Covid-19 support initiatives

Limerick City and County Council has announced that fees for tables and chairs placed outside business premises throughout Limerick are to be waived for 2020.

The Council will waive all fees due under the Planning Code for tables and chairs to allow businesses to cater to additional customers while still observing social distancing. The move will also enliven the city streets as people drink and dine alfresco over the next couple of months.

However, it will still be necessary for businesses to apply for Limerick City and County Council’s consent to place tables and chairs outside their premises in a public place.

This is necessary for the interests of proper regulation of footpaths, so that those in wheelchairs, using mobility scooters and people with buggies as well as all other pedestrians will still be able to use the footpaths in a safe manner.

In addition to the waiving for fees for tables and chairs, the Council is also waiving six months of the Casual Trading Licence Fees for 2020 having regard to the impact of Covid-19 on businesses in the Casual Trading Areas of Limerick, Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale.

Work has begun on the construction of the first of two parklets/ build-outs – O’Connell Street on a section the block between Thomas Street and Roches Street.

limerick on street furniture

The fees for outdoor furniture will be overlooked in the interest of social distancing.

The parklet will reassign road space for use by pedestrians and will be a place where people can sit and relax, and take some time out during their visit to the city. The O’Connell Street parklet is expected to open within a week.

The second location is on Catherine Street, between Glentworth Street and Cecil Street and construction will begin once the works on O’Connell Street are completed.

Additional seating areas are also going to be provided in the core business district shortly. Among the locations include Bedford Row, Thomas Street and the City Quays.

The Parks Department of the Council has increased the volume of flowers it grows in its nurseries this year, to provide even more colourful displays along the city streets and bridges than usual, and has worked with some retailers and businesses in supplying display flowers for different premises in the city centre.

These are the latest initiatives being rolled out as part of Guiding Limerick Through Covid-19. Further phases will be rolled out in the coming weeks as we all work together to ensure Limerick emerges from the Covid-19 restrictions in as healthy a position as possible.

Application forms for Tables and Chairs can be accessed on the Council’s website here or Search ‘Planning Application Forms’ on

For more information on Casual Trading Licences, Search ‘Casual Trading’ on or click here.

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