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Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017 Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017


The Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017

The Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017 have a range of new courses starting from January to March for those at all experience levels, whether it is beginners or intermediate.

The first course as part of Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017 is entitled, ‘Printmaking in the Classroom’ takes place Sunday, January 15 from 10am-5pm and is priced at €95/€81  or at a rate of €66.50 for LP Studio members.

The course is suitable for both national and secondary school teachers as it is a comprehensive workshop on how to bring printmaking into the classroom.

The experienced tutor Brian Fitzgerald will cover various printmaking methods such as woodblock and lino along with classroom management skills and much more.

Class numbers are small allowing a greater learning experience which will be tailored to your needs.

February contains multiple workshops taking place guaranteed to suit the needs of each individual.

The Intensive Silkscreen weekend takes place Saturday, February 4 and Sunday, February 5 from 10am-5pm at a price of €165/€140  or at a rate of €115.50 for LP Studio members.

Silkscreen printmaking is one of the most recognizable & popular forms of printmaking and lends itself really well to high volume production and both high contrast and layered multiple colour images. 

The process involves transferring an image to a mesh screen. The image blocks out the negative space so that when ink is firmly pressed through the screen using a squeegee, the desired areas are printed onto the paper/fabric.

This intensive two-day course will be led by artist, printmaker, technician and tutor, Derek O’ Sullivan.

A silkscreen ten-week course is also available which will begin Tuesday, February 7 and run for every Tuesday thereafter from 7pm to 9pm. The ten-week course is priced at €260/€221 or at a rate of €180 for LP Studio members.

The ten-week course will guide you through the entire process under the guidance of LP’s silkscreen tutor Derek O’ Sullivan. The weekly classes allow students to develop their work and ideas as they learn, ensuring their finished prints are fully realized and that each step in the process has been experienced multiple times.

An Intro to Photo Lithography is another one of the workshops available as part of Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017 which is running Sunday, February 19 from 10am-6pm. The workshop is priced at €90/€76.50 or at a rate of €63 for LP Studio members.

It is a fantastic entry point into a method that is simultaneously traditional and modern. No previous experience is required as this course is designed to cover all the basics! 

Lithography is a printmaking process based on the age-old rule of oil & water repelling one another. The surface image is treated in order to retain ink in certain areas while repelling it in others. The inked areas will then transfer to the paper via the pressure of the press, creating the desired print.
Traditionally, lithography would be associated with printing on limestone tablets but photo lithography is a more accessible form of the technique which allows students to use the same tools and materials without preparing a stone. Using this method, LP can convey & teach the photo lithography process in a shorter period to allow students to then decide if they would like to explore it further or if they would be similarly interested in stone lithography.

LP tutor Brian will give every student a clear overview of the process including common issues and challenges while working with them to realise their print. There will be ample time for note taking and questions. The course is designed to be hands-on and practical and is held in a professional and welcoming studio environment. 

An Introduction to Art: Draw-Colour-Paint-Print is another one of the multiple courses running throughout the February month.

This course takes place every Tuesday night at 6:45pm-9pm from February 28 to May 2. Tickets are priced at €200/€170 with concession or at a price of €140 for LP Studio members.

LP technician and tutor Bella Walsh has devised a course that aims to encourage and develop skill at all levels – regardless of whether you are completely new to art, have not held a pencil for many years or have experience but would like to get back to basics.

Over several weeks Bella will take you through numerous drawing exercises, exploring how you view and record shapes & objects, spaces & the environment around you. The course will also investigate colour with each student making their own colour wheel and completing various colour studies in paint.Students will also explore simple printmaking techniques that

Students will also explore simple printmaking techniques that utilise their developing drawing skills and ideas. 

This course is a great introduction for anyone eager for a new challenge or who want to extend their current talents. Every student will receive regular feedback and pointers from the tutor in what is a fully supportive and welcoming environment.

The month of March sees the workshop Intro to Letterpress – combining typing and imagery take place Sunday, March 26 priced at €90/€76.50 or at a price of €63 for LP Studio members.

Letterpress printing is a form of relief printmaking using a specific press, and describes a process by which multiple copies of an image/text are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper. 

Letterpress is a process traditionally used as a means of printing pages of specifically arranged type e.g. printing pages of books.

The one-day intensive course combines images with typesetting, meaning students can create and print designs that combine solid images, line and text.  Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017

This course is aimed at a variety of people – from those with no experience of printmaking through to those who have tried the process before but would like to learn the process in more detail.

Brian Fitzgerald is a highly experienced printmaker, artist and qualified teacher. He is also co-founder and co-director of Parallel Editions, a fine art print editioning company based in Limerick city.

Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery provide facilities for artists to make prints using a variety of methods including etching, lithography, silkscreen, relief and monoprint. Artists join on a membership basis and can avail of various different levels of access from daily to yearly. The option of 24-hour access is also available within the yearly membership. Members have added benefits which you will find in the membership section. At present, there are approx 40 members working in the studio.  Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017

Limerick Printmakers also provide opportunities for the general public to experience printmaking in the form of classes for adults and children, workshops, mobile printmaking & demonstrations at festivals & public events, in schools & for the corporate market.  Limerick Printmakers Winter Spring Course 2017

If you are interested in taking part in any of these courses or you would like to find out more information about the Limerick Printmakers click here.

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