PHOTOS: Paul O Connell signing in Easons a huge success

Paul O'Connell signing

Paul O’Connell signing copies of his best-selling autobiography ‘The Battle’ in Easons yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon, Limerick saw a second Paul O’Connell signing as hundreds of adoring fans queued to meet the star at his signing of ‘The Battle’ in Easons on O’Connell Street. 

A total of 200 tickets were sold for the signing – each one cost €19 and included a copy of the best-selling book. Fans began queuing an hour before the arrival of the rugby legend, with the queue eventually stretching out onto Cruises street. 

Paul O’Connell recently won sports book of the year at the Bord Gais Energy Book Awards 2016. Upon receiving the award, Paul said “As a rugby player, I feel very out of my depth intellectually here tonight. I never thought I’d share an awards stage with Jilly Cooper or John Montague for that matter.”

“I think to write a book about yourself is a difficult thing to do. For me anyway, I felt very awkward. I still feel awkward when I walk past it in a shop and see it for sale. I was really happy with what we produced, and a big part of that was down to the work, commitment, passion and ambition that Alan English had for the book, so I really want to thank him for that.” 

The Battle, selling over 5,000 copies in its first week on the shelves, is set to become the best-selling book of the year according to its publishers, despite only being released in October. 

The former Munster, Ireland and Lions rugby captain spent over seven years writing the autobiography, with a helping hand from Alan English, former Limerick Leader editor. 

Yesterday was the second Paul O’Connell signing since the release of his book. October saw over 800 people queue at O’Mahonys in Limerick, to meet the star amidst the release of ‘The Battle’. Paul has also held signings in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and London. 

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Pictures: Johnny Baynes/ilovelimerick

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