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pressI Love Limerick has hosted, covered and participated in many local and county events and we have been fortunate enough to be covered in print by the press, both in local city and county newspapers and magazines. You can visit our general press page to view images of these articles.

In addition, we are involved in providing local press outlets with weekly and monthly articles to keep the community up to date with information on entertainment, culture, communities, charities and events that make Limerick a great place to live and visit.

For instance, I Love Limerick offers a featured weekly column in the Limerick Chronicle since 2010 and previously held a column in Insight Magazine. In case you didn’t get to read a feature at the time or if you simply want to access an older publication, you can see these columns in our site’s archives section.

Here at I Love, we believe in showcasing the hard work of Limerick communities and its members. Their efforts do not deserve to go unnoticed and through our publications in the local media, we aim to achieve the most recognition possible for each organisation, community group, business and charity which we work alongside.

You can view images of all our printed issues by visiting our: