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Rape Crisis Midwest charity auction Rape Crisis Midwest charity auction


Rapecrisis Midwest charity auction fundraiser to take place on Facebook

The Rapecrisis Midwest Charity Auction, organised by Jantien Schoenmakers, will assist the organisation in its recovery process after being broken into and damaged.

Rapecrisis Midwest charity auction fundraiser to take place on Facebook

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Sophia DiBattista

Rape Crisis Midwest charity auction

Commission by Gary O Donnell




On Saturday, August 1 until Sunday, August 9, Rape Crisis Midwest will be hosting a charity auction via Facebook on the ‘Rapecrisis Charity Auction’ Facebook page featuring art pieces and more.

Rape Crisis Midwest was founded in 1980 in order to provide more resources to victims and survivors of sexual abuse and rape. Since then, the centre has provided all members, and the Midwest region as a whole, with education on the subject and tender care.

Rape Crisis Midwest have been a constant source of support for the region, but on the evening of Friday, May 8, the centre was broken into and ransacked. Despite the fact that no money was taken, or any personal data was stolen, the headquarters were left damaged and in need of extreme upkeep. Since the organisation gives free services to its members, they are in need of charity funds to help rework their centre and restore it back to life, which is why this auction is happening.

Exactly two weeks to go until the charity auction starts! From now on, we will post a picture each day of a painting or…

Posted by Rapecrisis Charity Auction on Saturday, July 18, 2020


The Rape Crisis Midwest Charity Auction, organised and hosted by Jantien Schoenmakers, will bring in the necessary funds to financially support the renovation of the centre. Staff members hope to make several rooms found in the headquarters even more comfortable for members and visitors.

The auction will take place over Facebook to abide by social distancing guidelines. Featured artists that donated to the auction include, Gary O’Donnell, Ken Coleman, Emma Langford, Alexandra van Tuyll, Isabella Gaborit, Aisling McGinn, Jimmy Murphy, Yvonne Teskey, and Roisin Crowe. 

Rape Crisis Midwest charity auction

Commission by Jimmy Murphy.

People do not have to buy auction pieces to donate to the cause as people can also donate through a PayPal page as well.

A volunteer from Rape Crisis Midwest commented on the event and how much help it will contribute to the organisation, saying, “I am a volunteer for Rape Crisis Midwest; I help with marketing, collection buckets at the Milk Market, and coordinating students during the Rape Crisis Midwest big annual quiz fundraiser in Thomond Park. It’s a charity very close to my heart.”

Organiser Jantien Schoenmakers said, “I would like to help raise funds to repair the rooms and replace items damaged during the break-in. My idea is to hold an online charity auction with 100% of funds going to Rape Crisis Midwest. Their logo is a red phoenix and while they will rise again from the ashes, more powerful than before, it would be nice to give them a hand to get there!”

To access the Facebook page where the auction will take place search for ‘Rapecrisis Charity Auction’ on Facebook. 


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