Adare to Survive 2016 pushes participants to their limit

Adare to Survive 2016

Adare to Survive 2016. Photo credit: David Woodland.

Over 1,200 brave participants from around the country took part in the action packed Adare to Survive course complete with plenty of mud, sweat, and tears this September 25!

The military style obstacle course, which is located in Clonshire, just off the N21 to the south of Adare is in its fourth consecutive year is proven to be a great success and for the first time, a 15km course was added alongside the standard 7.5km distance.

Adare to Survive 2016

Adare to Survive 2016. Photo credit: David Woodland

Competitors were subject to all elements from water to ice all while climbing and crawling submersed in the comfort of a mud filled atmosphere.

Some of the most strenuous obstacles included in the course were a mud pit and monkey bars suspended from a Crane provided by O’Carroll Crane Hire.


“The course is tough! There is no point in lying about it – you will get wet, cold, tired, mucky and a bit sore but you won’t be sorry,” says Ray Nash, Organizer of Adare to Survive.

“Not only will you have a blast on the day but you will walk away with a great sense of achievement from surviving whatever we throw at you.” Continues Ray.

Endeavour, Endure & Enjoy, the race is not timed, and there is no prize for the fastest athlete, as the spirit of the event is about “camaraderie” and helping others through obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty allowing each participant this year to enjoy the challenges they faced and not feel pressured to go as fast as possible.

The Adare to Survive team are already hard at work planning next year’s event which is due to take place this September 24, 2017!

Adare to Survive has partnerships with Limericks Live 95FM and Hook & Ladder to name a few.

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