Liz Roche Company presents a dance double-bill at Dance Limerick

Liz Roche Company

Liz Roche Company – Photo: Ewa Figaszewska.

Liz Roche Company, one of Ireland’s most exciting contemporary dance companies, presents a feast for the senses with a dance double-bill at Dance Limerick on Thursday 20 October at 8pm. Wrongheaded by Liz Roche is an intense mix of emotions and physicality, while Bias by Katherine O’Malley challenges judgements we make on a daily basis.

Wrongheaded is a dancing body’s response to current events in Ireland, bringing together spoken word poetry, film and dance.  Electrifying performances by Sarah Cerneaux and Liz Roche articulate the undercurrent of desperation which many Irish women face today around choices for their own bodies.  The dancers engage in an intense and rhythmically physical duet, constantly at odds with each other, caught in a relationship of frustrated repetition and ritual.  This film/performance features work by poet Elaine Feeney, film director Mary Wycherley, lighting designer Sinéad Wallace and composer Ray Harman, brought together by choreographer Liz Roche.

Liz Roche Company

Liz Roche Company – Photo: Mark Linnane.

Katherine O’Malley’s Bias explores the split-second judgements we make on a daily basis and asks: Do we suffer by taking the path of least resistance taught to us by our experiences? If we are composed of our biases, for better or for worse, what patterns are we repeating? This solo performance observes these biases, stating and reframing them in a series of different environments, from different perspectives.  Choreographed and performed by O’Malley, Bias has been developed in collaboration with composer Daragh Dukes and video artist Mark Linnane.

Announcing details of this double-bill, Jenny Traynor, Director of Dance Limerick, said “ Liz Roche Company has brought together formidable talent for this project, across different art forms, so the evening will appeal not only to a dance audience, but also to a wider audience interested in spoken word poetry, music and film. These works are hot properties too, Wrongheaded having just premiered at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival and Bias at this year’s Dublin Dance Festival. We’re really excited to host these fascinating works at Dance Limerick and hope that Limerick audiences will join us for this feast of dance”.

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