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Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition


Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition brings colour to Bedford Row



Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition brightens Bedford Row; artist and organiser, Kathy Tiernan with her art and stall at Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition on Bedford Row. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.
By ilovelimerick correspondent Cian Reinhardt.

The weather may not always be bright on a Sunday, but Bedford Row has been every Sunday this August as artists occupy the pedestrianised street for the Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition.

Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition

Artist Anne Fitzgerald with Celia Holmen Lee at Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition on Bedford Row. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.

Organised by artist Kathy Tiernan, Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition gives artists the opportunity in Limerick to display their art on the streets, allowing them to meet the public as well as fellow artists and like-minded people. While on a trip to Paris, Miss Tiernan says she saw the art and people painting on the street and thought why not do something similar in Limerick?


“I thought, Why not set up an easel? Get an umbrella– they have pretty much the same weather. Rain,” she said with jokingly. Adding, “I am a member of the Limerick Art Society, so I knew some of the people from there. To get others involved I went on Facebook and the Limerick Post put an add out.”

Artists set up stalls or use the windowsills and seats along the pedestrianised street to display their work. Many of the artists are sat sketching, painting or talking to passers-by; one of whom is internationally renowned artist, Anne Fitzgerald:

“This started off with two sessions out in Adare and now this place is just perfect for the event.

Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition

Artist Orla Clancy set up for her first day at Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.

We are meeting people we have never met, people we haven’t seen in a long time and the tourists are excited because they have seen things like this in Dublin,” she said.

Artists such as Joanne Foley, Orla Clancy and Kieran Irwin mentioned even if many sales aren’t made, they are glad to get their art out on display in such a casual setting.

“It’s always good to show people your art, even if they don’t buy anything, you receive good comments and that gives you a boost,” said local artist Kieran Irwin. Mr Irwin went on to say how he feels the event is adding to the street in the city and hopes it will be made a regular thing.

Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition

Artist Joanne Foley displays her felt-art at Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick

Artist Orla Clancy, displaying a mixture of landscapes and portraits, was happy to be part of the community of artists, saying, “It’s nice to get out and have the work seen; meet people and talk to them about what they like about what they see. Everybody has a different reaction to paintings.”

Kathy Tiernan mentioned how the aim of the  is for artists to, “get their art put out on the street and try sell it, but also meet other artists, learn from somebody who has been there before like for somebody coming out of college to work alongside an artist like Anne Fitzgerald.”

Art Limerick Outdoor Exhibition runs each Sunday in August on Bedford Row, Limerick city from 12 pm and offers the public the chance to interact with the artists as well as purchase pieces at a more affordable price.

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